I hope you can help me please.

My husband got a job offer to start in march /april in Mombasa.
I basically need info such as cost of living and schools etc as we have a 4 year old.
The company has a flatlet currently just behind city mall, so we will be staying there until we found a house.
* Which areas are the best to look for housing?
* What is the average house rental prices per month?
* water and electricity?
* Internet ?
* groceries?
* Domestic
* gardener - I dont want to stay in a flat, prefer a house.
* health insurance
* School fees (if you have kids) - International schools for expats

We have an option to either buy a 4x4 there or drive our bakkie up (4x4) and use it there, then the company will pay for it.
How is the roads in and around mombasa specifically?

How safe (considering we are in Africa is Kenya)? 
Is there expat social gatherings where we can meet friends etc?

Hope you would be able to help me.

You could try this website for cost of living


Before posting anything am new here but currently in Mombasa and would love to help you guys.

il go ahead and do research for you but first I need to know if you have already moved to Mombasa or someone else has helped you out already
if you need more information I would love to help you too

kind regards, and being new in Mombasa as well its a nice place to live but got its challenges

Hi Madeleine,
First i would like to welcome you and your family to Mombasa,i will be in a position to help you settle down in Mombasa if you do need my help,Mombasa people are friendly and the best to cope with,there are international schools and accessible road,security is must and am wishing you the best...incase you have a question please dont hestate to ask coz i have been in Mombasa for more than 2 decades  so i know the city very well.

hey Mombasa is rly good place to stay.. if you are going to stay around city mall .. you will get will you things from citymall... we have few good good around there .. like oshwal which is IGCE school and also they have started Cambridge .. yah I know you will love mombada.. also internet is no problem.. road are okay not too bd


Mombasa is one of the most beautiful and secure place in Kenya. The people are friendly and ready to give a helping hand due to the culture here.

It is a city with all modern facilities in healthcare and Hospitality industry. Security wise, the city is secure and with minor security threats as is in any city.

Education wise, both local and international schools are available hence no need to worry.

The terrain is good as the land is in a flat area hence any vehicle can easily cruise in this region. It has beautiful white sand beaches which i believe you will enjoy the scenery.

Warm Regards,

Nyali is the best place to live. It's near everything. Malls, supermarkets, cinemas, water park, cinema.

Rent can be from, Ksh 40,000 to Ksh 60,000 per month depending on where you decide to live.

Water and electricity would already be set up, with bills payable via M-Pesa (mobile money) assuming you get Safaricom as your mobile service provider.

Also, if you get Zuku, you'll get your internet, TV and landline in the same package. Though personally I recommend Orange for your net, it is more reliable and cheaper.

Professional agencies could be able to sort out your maid and gardener, though if you have friends here, you can ask for recommendations (word of mouth is better). There are some professional cleaning companies like who do domestic cleaning.

Roads in Msa are a nightmare! Not the quality of road (although it can get rough) but generally the behaviour of public service vehicles. I wouldn't risk my personal vehicle if I were you.

Insurance is an option though most insurance firms in Kenya are internationally owned thus up to scratch.

Mombasa is generally safe. It is like any other city of the world, so personal safety is dependent on you. Don't walk outside at night, keep your items close, and when travelling at night, avoid unlit roads or use a cab.

I think has a mombasa chapter.

Hope that's helpful.

Hello Elijah,
I am planning to visit Mombasa area soon and I just wanted to inquire wether security has improved coz last month I read about some terrorists being in Diani area. Thank you for any advice needed.Thanks

Hi Shirleymo, I am also planing to move to Mombasa for six months October to March I am single retired I lived in Nyali long time ago, I am looking for a small fully furnished studio apartment linen gas electricity serviced all included my budget max 40.000 Ks let me know if u can find one no hurry I still have to wait before I can book my ticket take care.
Regards T Bruno.

One thing to bear in mind about the area are the recent travel advisories and (possibly associated) drop in tourism, which has put a lot of people out of work, along the coast.  There is always the possibility that this will lead to increases in crime.  I live upcountry and Kenyans from our area who used to go to Mombasa to relax are no longer going there, due to the activities of Al Shabaab.  However, the perceived threat is probably greater that the real one.

In my opinion, Nyali is probably the best area on the North Coast, close to Mombasa.  The roads are mostly good in the area, so no worries there, especially if you have a 4 x 4.

I can't advise you on schools, except to say that international schools tend to be very pricey.  We have just taken our 7 year old granddaughter out of a UK system school, in favour of a Kenyan 8-4-4 school, as we felt that the school was overpriced and failing to deliver value for money.

With regard to bringing your vehicle; this is permitted.  If the vehicle stays in country for over 6 months, you will be expected to pay duty on it and have in locally registered.  duty amounts to approximately 75% of the vehicle's value, as assessed by Kenya Revenue Authority.  Even so, you might be better off bringing your own vehicle, as vehicles are very expensive here.

Its ok now you can come.

When a room is rented in Mombasa the asking price is often quoted but not the rental period.
Is a rental period of one month implied when, for instance, someone is asking 30000 per room?
El in Switzerland

Property rentals in Kenya are heavily based on the UK system/law, so usually a rental agreement will have an assumed minimum term of 6 months, or 12 months with a months rent as deposit and minimum  one months rent to be paid in advance.  However, due to some tenants' habit of only paying rent for a few months, some landlords can ask for a quarter year as deposit.

Kenya as a whole, most rental houses are charged per month. Though it would be better if your contact elaborated if its deposit of either one month or two months plus current rent in addition to electricity deposit or agents fee.

Thanks for the useful replies!

I think it would be best initially to make a return visit alone and stay in a hotel the first time round -- maybe near the Castle Hotel on Moi Ave. (but not in that hotel, it would be a bit too expensive for me  :) ) and from there visit any prospective accommodations.
My wife and I are thinking of spending two maybe three months during the northern winter months in Mombasa. We are both retired. Many years ago (during the 1970s) I worked in Mombasa, living in Nyali and am thinking of either renting a small apartment or sharing comfortable en-suite rooms in a house on a short-term basis.

If you are thinking of staying in a low budget hotel, you need to choose very very carefully, to ensure that you are secure.

If you are thinking of spending winters in Kenya, then have you considered buying a place?  Property is an excellent investment and you could also rent it when you are not there.  Renting year on year will soon rack up the costs, with nothing to show, plus you will have the hassle of finding somewhere to rent, each time you come.

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