Best places to live in PR?

As my first e-mail noted I was considering living up in the Central Mountains when we decide to move to PR.  Now, after talking with various people about life in the mountains I am beginning to wonder if there might be other places for us to consider.

1.  I had thought of the mountains because they would be cooler in the summer, and possibly less troubled by hurricanes. Probably wrong on the last one:/

2.  Had wanted to learn more about the native Puerto Ricans, advised that it might take a while or that maybe I might never make any inroads in to friendships up there by simply being a Gringo.

3.  Have been looking more at the maps of Central and Western Puerto Rico and now am wondering about different options.
         *  I don't want to live in a gated community where I am cut off from the chance to meet and interact with the native Puerto Ricans.
         *   I don't really want to live at sea level due to the heat and humidity and again, also the hurricanes!
         *    I'm wondering about towns somewhere inbetween the high mountains and the shoreline.

Finishing off the e-mail I just sent - hit send by accident.
         *  We would like a good mix of different types of people in any town we'd decide to live in and we are not the Mac-Mansion type of people.  We will have enough to live on in and probably by a  house outright  But we are looking for an eclectic mix of people.  My Spanish will be fluent by the time we would move so there is no problem there.

Anybody have any ideas or insights that might be given on towns we might want to look into?

Have considered renting somewhere while looking for a house but again need to find a town that we'd be happy in.

So, please send us any info you can on places in the western or west-central part of PR.  Thanks!


If you're looking for a place where you'll find fellow Americans next to locals, Ricon could be an option. I've been there only once but from what I hear and read there are quite some gringos.

As for climate, the South and South-west are dryer and somewhat warmer than the North and North-east.

Generally speaking, like in the US too, you'll have a better chance of finding a mix of people in the bigger towns and cities than in the smaller communities.

Dorado on the North coast comes to mind as a place you may want to check out.

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