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Hi guys im Ethan MCcloud I have been producing and djing for 10 years and working across europe. Im desperately trying to find dj gigs further than europe but keep getting scams and one I fell for and lost 600 pounds but lesson learned. Just need real contacts so if any one can help I would be so thank full

Hi Dj Mc Could,
I know a French DJ here called Mathieu and another Hip-Hop DJ from Lebanon.
What kind of music are you looking for? Are you in KL?

You need to go round the pubs and clubs and speak to the managers and see if you can get say one evening a week. However, there will be immigration issues unless you set up a company in Malaysia or a branch of your existing company. Tax is 20-26% and you need a work permit.

Hi most DJs in KL suck - it really is just a 'school disco' mentality pay nothing get very little. A second job for most - you couldn't make a living in Malaysia as a DJ. KL has backward nightlife. Jakarta and Singapore are better although Europe is where the action is so no surprise you work there mostly!

Hello guys , im fariz lucas . im a dj producer . I just need some jobs here . i like to play around to world . anything just let me know . i just fokusing on club genre . thank you

The scene is full of Malaysians and Filippinos -  I think you will not succeed. Most people have two jobs in order to work in the music industry. They have a day job in a bank or with an IT company and just make pin money entertaining.


Did you get any jobs as DJ?

I wasn't looking for job just events which i got :)

Great ! Can you Guide me or provide any Contacts for me to apply for DJ /Composer

Looking for opportunities in same industry

In Malaysia?

U in Malaysia?

yes i am in Malaysia ( KL)

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