Does anyone know if there is a mma/bjj/boxing gym in the Khobar/Dammam area ?? looking for one that has other expats in as I cant speak Arabic ..


There is Muay Thai/Bjj at Blue Sharks gym in Dammam, lead by Sensi Ibrahim Al-Hawaj, he can speak three languages btw
Training is three days a week, Sensi Ibrahim is the best coach I trained under, he is so knowledgeable, and I trained under many coaches.
Best of luck :)

hey abdoooooo,
i enquired for martial arts training in blue sharks gym , i really want to join the place as it is really close to my house , i live next to dammam tower but mr ibrahim told us that there is kickboxing training over there , he did'nt mention aything about BJJ.

Can you please give us his contact number?

I guess you are mistaken
There is bjj there also, sensi ibrahim is a blackbelt in jiu-jitsu
and we train with a gi and no-gi
you should pay the dojo a visit soon.
best of luck

I'm sorry I'll need to ask him first before posting his number online, but if you want you can go check the training yourself at blue sharks gym in dammam.
Sat mon wed from 6 30 till 8 30.
best of luck

Does anyone know of any martial arts training in Makkah?

Good Evening,

I would like to trained Fighting like Boxing or MMA style of fighting. is there any gym here near in Al Khobar area? I would appreciate any kind reply.

I would like to Train also. please take me with you if you find some gym. thanks

So I was training back in Canada under Pat Major (Renzo Gracie BJJ). We've just moved to ArRakkah Compound and I'd like to continue.... BUT what are local clubs policies on women? Is there any BJJ classes I could continue with??


did u find a place to practice MMA ? if u did plz let me know



I moved to Dubaï.
So now I train there .

I live in all rakkah anybody wanna do sparring for mma I can do it

Hi ive just been to the blue shark gym but the guy on the desk had no idea what i was talking about, i asked about jiu jitsu, karate, kick boxing but he just kept saying no. I could see an area upstairs that looked like it might be a dojo but still got a no from the guy, any ideas?

Maybe you look dangerous man that's why he is afraid to let you in.

Hello, I have just moved to al khobar and I'm looking for a place to train BJJ. Did you have any luck finding a place?

Boxing yeh found a guy, why what you have in mind?

Hi sir,

I was trying to find a boxing or MMA trainer in Khobar or Dammam and i saw ur comment.

Are you still training MMA or boxing ?

If you do could u please message me back?

If you don't could you refer anyone that you might know that woud do some training??

Thanks a lot

I'm also looking for the same. Please do inform me if u have any lead

i am in Dammam, I know boxing, i have boxing experience about 8 years, but i don't know any club here.

hi even am trying to find out but got one number i think its fake. The only thing u will find in ksa is restaurants where the y have kind of food and get overweight not eve 1 mma center  i have found

where exactly is his place

Mr Ibrahim is giving training Near Faisal Al Amri Trading Est, Industrial, Dammam 32443.

Training schedule is Sun, Tue & Thu from 7:30PM to 9:30PM

could please give me the proper number of the academy or his number

I can share the location details.

26.458632, 50.016682

Body fitness & self defense center. above Faisal Al Amri Trading Est.

how far its from rakha

i need a number of the academy

Search the GPS co-ordinates from Google MAP.

Not sure about the distance from Raka. … 32#3368933

My name is Muhammed Rafi, and I teach Mixed Martial Arts in Dammam. My Contact Number is - xxx

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Are u still in rakka... i have been practicing MMA in india i am a beginer ..... i have done boxing too ... If you could teach me and could be a sparring partner too..

Assalaam where in dammam do u teach MMA

Some time if they dont understand.. they just say NO or MAFI..

If you find please tell me .

I coach women and childrens brazilian jiujitsu, boxing and mma in Jeddah :)

Hi! I need some help. Do you know A BJJ location or a BJJ teacher in Ha'il area in Saudi Arabia? Thanks!!

Hey there we finaly have one in khobar MMA BJJ BOXING THAIBOXING

Hi!! I would appreciate your help ! Does someone know a gym or an instructor in Hail for MMA BJJ BOXING THAIBOXING in Hail  city?

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