Street food catering trailer

My husband and I have a successful street food catering trailer ie selling pulled pork sandwiches, maple bacon rolls, home baking, fresh ground coffee and other yummies (not the usual greasy Joes).
We are considering moving to Gib with our 4 children (aged 12, 11, 8 and 6) and bringing our business with us.  We are not sure who to get in touch with ref to this and we're wondering if anyone could give us advice.
We visited Gib 5 years ago, but I expect it might have changed a bit.

I am not sure about this but perhaps reading the following link might help, or contact a lawyer.

A short extract

Trade Licence

Any person wishing to buy or sell any product by way of business, whether wholesale or retail, as well as engage in certain commercial activities, is required to be licensed under the Trade Licensing Act 1978. A Trade Licence is also necessary to obtain a Customs code for the importation of goods in commercial quantities.

Commercial Activities that require a Trade Licence

• Building Contracting
• Carpentry
• Electrical Contracting
• Decorating
• Hairdressing
• Manufacturing
• Joinery
• Painting
• Woodwork
• Property Development
• Plumbing
• Catering*   

*Catering includes canteens, caterers, clubs, hoteliers, and publicans

My advice is to give yourself PLENTY of time...  Registering a business name takes long enough, then you've H&S, environments agency, not sure what else in your sector!  If you decide to go ahead I can recommend a lawyer there to help you along.  He's very informed.

All the best!

Very nice idea :) :)

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