Roatan Island

30 miles off the coast of mainland Honduras. Lot of activities for the vacationer and expats alike.

World class diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, Zip lines through the canopy, sailing, gardening, volunteering, teaching.
Get together with friends.

Roatan is only a 2 hour direct flight from Houston. Other flights from Atlanta and Miami.

Ask us any questions about Roatan, Honduras!

Hi I sEE YOU ARE LIVING IN roatan I was thinking about living there my self. I was looking a proporty on the island and it looks more expenceve the florda proporty this cant be rite can you give me a run down on the cost of living? Thank you

Property location, size, views, waterfront or valley and amenities on Roatan determines the price just as any where. Lots with well water, electric and paved roads are available with prices that vary from $12,000 for a valley view lot in Oak Ridge on up. It all depends on what you want.

Home Insurance costs are much lower than Florida. All food is brought in by boat so prices are higher. Gas is high. Electric is .34 cents per kwh so if you need AC it will cost a lot.

Cost of living depends on your needs.

I will be coming to Roatan in a few years...have lots of time to search and ask questions.  I will be living aboard (Pearson 365) and have lived aboard in the eastern caribbean 2001 to 2006.  I have a good idea of what the on the hook life is about.  I just do not know the area of Roatan and the do's and don'ts of marinas, anchorages, security...etc.  I would like to find a friendly cove with other hookers.  I am refitting my vessel now and will make the break when family responsibilities diminish here if a year or two.  I am single at the moment and hope to find the one that will fit nicely on her side of the

I am a retired paramedic/firefighter/nurse from Pasco county fire rescue in Florida.  I moved aboard a Pearson 30 in 1995.  I made my first Jimmy Buffet trek to the keys in 1999 and harbor captained for the Hilton for a year.  I jumped to the Eastern caribbean in 2001.  Spent a year in St Thomas and Captained a harbor shuttle for the Marriot , a year in the Dominican (Luperon) Republic, all on the hook.  Island hopped most of the eastern side till 2006.  I returned hope to care for family in 2008.  My mom is 85 now and I will be here for her as long as she needs me, then Raotan here I come........

Is anyone still active on this post?

I am dreaming of moving to Roatan some day and have many questions. Would love to hear from some expats in country and have a good exchange of info.

I have never been to the island but have read extensively on it.  I would like to be living there tomorrow, as I am so sick of Canadian winters, but realisticly I will be 2 or 3 years out at best.

Have a good day to all and happy new year...


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