Realistic times in Argentina.

Is not my intention to disappoint anybody coming to Arg. visiting or for tourism. But seriouly not to stay. Realities and facts: Inflation: 30% plus, persecución of newspaper men. extremely high taxes, Street disorders, high crime, pólice dept in strike for weeks requesting better salaries,students revolts taking over Universities and schools, several soccer games stop by pólice because shots rang and espectators wounded or kill. Is unfortunately this picture but anybody could check this facts by reading (internet) Arg. La Nación or Clarín Newspapers. We come back from Maryland about 5 yrs now in the assumption Arg. will be a progresive and quiet country to live. WRONG....!!!! I do need urgent info. to life standards of living anywhere in Panama. I read good things about it, regarding life for retired folks with a $2.500 monthly check from US. Info about food and rent prices. Thank you very much for your response.    Gus Ruiz

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