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Hi everyone!
My name is Marina, I am from Russia, but now live in Bulgaria, Varna. My hobbies are: reading books, dancing, traveling. I would like to find friends in Varna to improove my English.

Hi Marina,

Welcome to :)

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I am sure you will get some contacts very soon.

Have a nice day,

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Thank you! I will check it up now! Marry Cristmas!))

Hi Marina, just saw your blog post. I just arrived here in Bulgaria a few weeks ago and am also looking to meet new people. I am fluent in both Russian and English

hey I would help you with your english :)
I'm looking for friends too

Hello, are u still looking for friends in Varna?

Privet, my Facebook Diana May Moscow

Dobavljaisja! :)

Am new in Varna , will be glad to make friends with you

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