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Hello everyone!

  I'm thinking of relocating to Mauritius but the problem is I am currently studying to be a nurse in Brazil via an internationally accredited school.  I'm two years into a 4 year degree, and don't want to start all over again if I relocate to Mauritius.  So I have a few questions:

1) Are there any full 4 year courses for nursing degrees in Mauritius?  If so, what are the names of them?
2) Do they offer transfers from other countries so I can continue where I left of in Brazil.
3) Is there work available in Mauritius after I graduate? and what is the pay like?

Many thanks to anyone who can help me with this information. 


Hello Dayane,

Welcome to!

Maybe you could contact Apollo Bramwell nursing school to seek answers to your questions?

For the rest I invite you to read the latest discussions on the forum which might reply to other questions you might have about Mauritius.


Thank you for the link, but that is a three year course and I'm concerned about it being accepted internationally.

Maybe this isn't offered in Mauritius which would be a shame.  If anyone else has any information I would be thankful.

Many thanks,

Hello Dayane,
Ill advise u to finish ur nursing degree before coming here.
There are only two nursing schools(three year diploma)one owned by the government and then the private nursing school by Appollo hospital which is recently opened.

Moreover the university here does not offer any course in nursing/degree.

Nursing here is still lagging behind just like the way nursing is practiced in the sixties.

I am not trying to discourage u but just to make u not to be disillusioned when u come here.

Progress, Thank you very much for this information, I was concerned this might be the case.

Not to worry am ur professional colleague.

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