Looking for expat friends

hi, im new here, im looking for expat friends. kindly message me and introduce urself ...cheers

How is your life in Dubai

Its nice to live here but I don't have lots of friends yet

hi, i live in abu dhabi, i am french. i am arrived since 3 weeks. i search expats of differents nationality to the fun , hobbies and enjoy.
best regards.

Hi, how u find UAE so far? Have u been to Dubai, its a nice place too aside from Abu Dhabi

What do you in dubai?
Did you setlled down already,
Dubai, is nice place to live in, work/enjoy/socialise/meet people/ get secured job without taxes...

hi m also living in Dubai at burjuman.

@ adj I agree with u, but the cost of living here is quite high

Hello Caroleeumali.
Welcome to Dubai. My name is Sam, moved to Dubai last October. So I am a new guy in town too. Just moved to my apartment in downtown after a long search, but it looks like finding friends is much more difficult.
Any how, please let me know if you need tips for a Dubai new comer. Will be glad to send you my email and tell you about my experience over here.

Hello Caroleeumali.
Welcome to Dubai. My name is Maddy, moved to Dubai last September. I m living in dubai and working as a Finance Excecutive in hotel management industry.
Any how, please let me know if you need tips for a Dubai new comer. Will be glad to send you my email and tell you about my experience over here.


That's funny. You copied my message and posted on the same blog.

I advise you to get in touch with this guy, he is genius: he managed to send exactly the same message I sent without even typing it.

To spice things up a little bit, appreciate all bloggers opinion on whether it is ok to copy and paste from somebody else message and post on the same blog.

I think, you can still be able to manage and survive in Dubai
You need to plan well your monthly expenses to match your income
It is not difficult,  but needs micro pkanning, I think...
Take care...
Be on touch ...

Hi Carol,

How are you? How is life in Dubai? Hope you are enjoying.

Even i had the same problem of not having many friends when i came newly.

But now it is good :) You will also make many friends, but one small suggestion, make a wise decision in selecting ppl :)


Yes the cost of living here can be very high. I cannot seem to get out of Debt because you constantly have to get a loan or more debt to pay for something. And the Arabs like to charge for everything!!.

Tourism is not the money market here, to get a little pink paper in your passport is. pay for application of a visa, pay for ratification of papers, pay for legalisation of papers....uuurrggghhhh!!!! and everyone wants their cut.

How are you experiencing it so far? have you made any genuine friends yet?


BTW: I am in Dubai

@afj thanks for the tips, u r right its important to plan ur monthly expenses.

@ mickey i get stressed also when i got here, coz of the cost of living here is very high, i have been to places here in dubai, but i want to explore more, i dont have much friends here but i want to make more as possible.

Hey der :)

Tell me if you up for a weekend in Musandam,Oman. We can def arrange something in fujeirah

MickeyZAR :

Tell me if you up for a weekend in Musandam,Oman. We can def arrange something in fujeirah

Dont know what happened @caroleeumali

I was going to say that if you want to go see fujeirah or oman, im up for it PM me and we can make arrangements

@ mikey, i never been to fujeira or to oman, but im worried about the expenses, how much would be needed?

Where do you live in dubai?
You need to select smart area to live in, means near metro not costly
Also, sharing helps you to save more money
This one way to save money,  Carol.

Fuel is around 100dhs both ways, but I would share the costs. Hotel @ radisson blu dibba ( fujeirah ) I found is a very upmarket and nice hotel to stay at. Cost me last time I was there 1580dhs for the weekend with breakfast. There are cheaper alternatives. The hotel has a lot of activities ranging from kayak to water ski to para sailing which is extra. To go to oman is quite cheap although the hotels are very basic and nostalgic. Here you pay to exit the RAK border 35dhs. And to enter oman on a GCC Resident Tourist visa 5 R.o or roughly 50 Dhs. Fuel also about 100dhs both ways. Here its up to you how much money you want to spend and what activities you want to do. The restaurants are dirt cheap and there is allot of scenery. The nice hotels here are Golden Tulip @ 800dhs a night (5 Star) but you can also stay in affordable hotel ( khasab Hotel @ 3 stars) for about 25 R.o per night single occupancy or 28 R.o for sharing a room. Lastly remember to do your research online. Ultimately its up to you how much you want to spend, but rule of thumb is you get what you pay for.


Hi Carole,

Im Anish from India been in Dubai for the past 10 years. Dubai is great if you have money. Never fall into traps. thats all i can say. If you have to travel for 3 hours, you could live in Sharjah and save money a lot. Dubai WAS great 10 years back!! now its for the rich as you have seen they have announced increased the cost for everything !!

If you want to have chat about add me  745eb338(BBM)

@ Traps

Yes, there is a lot, so be very weary about who you trust, I found that group to include people from India the sub continent, Nigeria, and some African countries. But lets not discriminate. Just common sense could bring you very far.

Needless to say I am South African :P

Hi wanna be frnz...I just moved to Dubai 3 months ago.....I was in Milan for almost 4 years...ciao

hello am here for fun time for shopping cinema do contact me [Moderated: Please send numbers in private]

hi m  adnan my number [Moderated: Please send numbers in private]

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@capri guy, hi, how u find dubai so far? whats ur experiences here?

hello guys. I have been living in Dubai for past 2 years and here is what i learned and experienced.

In dubai, you wont get starved for the day if you have a 10 Dhs in your pocket. At the same time even a 10000 dhs wont be enough to spend if you decide to spend. Its all about our choices.

For 10 Dhs : choose kuboos and Curds.
For 10000 Dhs : goto burj'l arab and have a lunch.

Travelling around the city. If you are low in cash opt for public transports. Buses and metros. If you have deep pocket rent a bently. Again its our choice.

Clothings. If you are low in cash goto to burdubai or diera market. you can bargain a lot and will have to do a hand on quality check. If you have deep pocket goto to branded showrooms in any mall. Again its our choice.

Buysing house hold items. If you are low on cash. opt for warehouse sale. of Dragon mart. burdubai or diera. If you have deep pocket ... spend it in branded showrooms. Again its our choice.

Fruits and vegitables for D2D. Aweer market , Bur dubai market. For deep pockets choose malls. Or even home delivery is also availables.

Finaly i can conclude its aboout how we like to spend. All the other expences like traffic fines. paper works etc are the same for all. Dosen't matter if you have depp pocket or not. !

wow it was too long!

Hi dear ! Hi ! I am a bussiness man in shipping industry and travelling between the Fujairah  / Emirates and Europe / Cyprus .

@Robert nice to meet u here, how long u living here in UAE? Tell me bout ur experience

@cute thanks for all the infos and tips its really a big help for me seems like ur so practical person :)

hi how r u im adnan (Moderated: use private message) for friendship

Hey ! Welcome to dubai ;)

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this is vikas with u.

I am in UAE for 3 years and looking for a friend. I have my flat and owing a vehicle in UAE.

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