Distance Running in Kuwait

I hope u need drink more than 5 glasses of water,check the training shoe if the sole is balance.

Hi,if there is way u can help me  to train better.i will be happy  an gratefull,

Dear Legacy,

I know this message is a little bit too late from your original message. I shifted in kuwait this year and want to joo5 a running group. Does your group still run? I specially want to practice for the Gulf Bank Marathon with a group.


Hi All;

I have been running for a year now and I go as far as 49 min on a 10 K run.
I do 5 days a week with a goal to reduce my run time to 30 min.
Primarily, the goal in mind was to reduce from 95 to 58 kg which I successfully achieved.
What I learned whilst my runs were 4 things;
1. The place matters- I oscillate my runs between the Mangaf to Fahaheel seas side and Mishref ground.
2. The music being played plays a big role in my runs as a control on heart rates can prove to be essential to a long distance run/runner.
3. Running with other people gives me a reality check and shatters my myths about how well I think I am doing.
4. My diets been controlled as I know when I have to run and what I should eat to get that perfect stride and time.

Running with a group is bound to break any wrong information I might have stored up and hence would love to join a run group.


I am considering moving to Kuwait and really really enjoy trail ultra running

is there any good running in the vicinity?

The race calendar is increasing, trail running we have only desert landscapes, i invite you to view my instagram @lordaymz, ull find a post entitled bouyan subbiyah challenge showing an aerial view of the desert. There's also the northface challenge and an ultra from the north to South of Kuwait, 220km :)

Hi there.
This is also music to my ears. I love running, though have been injured for the past while. Is this running club still active? I'm a female teacher arriving in August.

Hi Friends,

I have moved to Kuwait recently. I had been undergoing marathon training for the past one year and I don't want to give up on running after moving here, though am a novice. Is the running group mentioned above still active? Is any group doing their regular runs in Fahaheel area? If yes, kindly let me know. The climate is actually putting me off, but if I have a vibrant group, it will be motivating to run inspite of climatic difficulties.

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