Emergency help. How to send an ipad from Bali to Jogia before 18 Dec

Dear all,
I have an emergency problem. I forget my ipad in Bali, but now i am in Jogia and i will fly to Kuala Lumper in 18 Dec. Do u know is there any deliver service i can use. Thank

A very reliable and fast courier service here is Tiki Jne, but most often seen as only JNE.

They have two offices (maybe more) in Bali…Denpasar and Kuta.  Sorry, I don’t have their phone number.

If this can be done, (and it likely can if you act immediately), they are the ones.

DHL or FED EX are the quickest but probably the most expensive

this is the official website of JNE http://www.jne.co.id/
you can contact them with this email customercare[at]jne.co.id
or you can call customer care of JNE to ask phone number of JNE Bali area, (021) 2927 8888
or you can try to call this 0800-1-563-563 to fix your case
good luck buddy :up:

"DHL or FED EX are the quickest but probably the most expensive."

Internationally...no question, but within Indonesia (Bali to Yogya in this case)?

Yes, that depends if she can get that sorted out in time. My wife uses tiki to send stuff to Bali and it takes about a day.
Still, lets hope she gets it before someone else does however its sent.

We also use JNE (Tiki) for anything we have to ship to Java from Bali ASAP and find it quicker than DHL or FEDEX which we reserve only for international shipments of urgency. We note the same as your wife...one day, which is excellent service.

Oh, thank you all. My friend i bali already called and ask Tiki and others but they all refused because ipad cant take off the battery. Huhu. Only one accept is bus deliver service but it takes at lease 4-5 days from Bali to Jogia. So i have to ask another friend in Jogia receive for me. But i dont know how can I send it to Vietnam :((( if no deliver service via plane accept this stuff :((

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