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Is there any way my means of which I can track what is happening at their end?

Hi everyone! I hope that somebody will respond. I was hired for hmc alwakra since last year by ibm.suddenly all process stopped. Then last june, somebody contacted and  told me that they can nor resume to get me but told me not to resign until further notice. So i waited but no notice came. I did not receive my visa also. Then last december 22, 2016, i got surprised because mr. Mohd nasreen jain sent me a ticket to qatar with a flight date on january 1, 2017. It is impossibkle for me to resign in 1 week' s time. I asked for a rebooking but he refused. Now i am at a loss. Aftr all efforts, money spent, nothing. Anybody can help me what to do with my situation please? Thanks

did you check ur visa status ...if they put your visa then chek the expiry date..and ask them atleast a month notice they should wait ..dont worry

Yes.. I checked the visa on my own. They did not even care to give me a copy. It was released since aug 30 and the validity is only until feb 26,2017. And they refused to rebook my flight at all. I feel so bad. I am not hoping for it anymore since they already refused and what they ask from me is impossible by all means.

Dear all

Really worried to read all the comments above. I am waiting for my visa. All processes done and sent to HMC.

Hi. Hwz u n ur Qatar experience. Mine not so hyped

it will be shared accomodation with other staffs.

Hi Sir Wilson

I Am AvonSarte from Philippines and I'm looking for a job. I am a nurse and workingfor almost 5 years. Can you help me how to apply to any governtment health  institution in Qatar. I cannot find any recruitment agency here in Philippines hiring for nurses bound to Qatar under hmc,phc etc. thank you

Hi sugar pie
I'm in the process of applying.just wondering if u can share your experience.have u started at Hmc n how is the working environment.

Hey Wilson

I have been offered a PHCC position in Doha. Just cleared the Skype interview. Going through the paperwork check.
What's the position of a family practitioner there in Doha. What salary and benefits should I be looking for. I am based in UK with MRCGP and MRCP, trainer and special interest in deematology.
Thanks for your guidance

Hello sugar pie.. Hope you are doing well..
May I know what is your job & designation in HMC. I am a male staff nurse searching job in Qatar. Can you help me in any way?

Please do let me know how that went because I am in a very similar situation..

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