United States Nonimmigrant Visa Guide - PLEASE READ

Thank you for your assistance! It gets extremely confusing.

thank you for this but i think you didnt mention all the types of visa.
if they were this small in number, why do i get lost whenever i visit travel.state. gov ?? :(

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Please assist, Looking to move to the states but i haven't been having no luck. Anyone please assist.  ***

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Are there any visa sponsorship  available? got a few job offers i New York but couldn't get any VISA Sponsorship please advise

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Lets face it, if the US embassies around the world would approve every visitors visa application the whole world will be in the US. Now you think it is hard to get a US visa, be informed that it is probably twice as hard to get a green card. Prove, Prove , Prove and Defend your visa application just as you would probably do to a thesis. Dont talk too much prove. Bring a document for every possible question. People think you need a lot of money in the bank to get approved for a US visa-not really , you need proof and a lot of money that can not be explained by your current job could be very suspicious.Now a US visa is very easy to get if you can show the following:
1. That you truly are related or you know the person in the US you are visiting and that there is a convincing reason to spend money to visit . If visiting a brother prove with birth certificates, if visiting just a friend be prepared to explain how you met that friend and give a convincing reason why you are spending money to visit your friend, is it because you have a lot of money just for such long vaccation and how do you get the money.
2.Strong ties . Strong ties is often confused for money and property or good job, although it can be it is not.Think outside the box, if your grandmother is a cancer patient that needs home care at night and you have temporarily hired someone to take care of her untill you return simply prove that.Or if there is a court date in the near future to dissolve assets of a deceased relative , simply prove that. Or schedule an expensive cosmetic sugery with your local doctor in the near future and simply prove that. Strong ties is does not mean prove that you are rich.
3. Last but not least , just prove that you have enough money to pay for your trip and for your stay in the US. Noone asked to see your net worth. Dont bring all your life investments, or suspicious 40 thousand dollar bankstatements which noone asked you to bring. This is not a wealth competition, you can bring 200 dollars less than what is required and explain that my husband will top it up when you visa is approved. You are dealing with human beings not computers. Dont be scared and start giving a long explation of how your Dad is a very successful businessman. I have seen a lot of business tycoons denied visas to their suprise.

I hope i have courched someone to sucessfully obtain a US visa.

Wish you the very best.

Hi, I am just wondering if this policy still exists?

Thank you so much for the information. Will keep following in future.

Hello, My Name is Shayana i 'm 20, I currently living in Paris, working at the international airport and part student in Marketing and International Business
I plan to apply for a visa B-2 soon, I would like to know what is the requierement and how long its takes please.

looking forward to an answer

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