Can US Medicare cover in the Philippines?


My parents, who are both retired now, are living in the US and use their Medicare to cover all their medical bills and expenses. They are both planning to go back to the Philippines however we are wondering if the US Medicare would cover their medical bills there.

Has anyone had any experience reimbursing his or her medical bills incurred in the Philippines?

Hi Sue,

I have come across that same concern before.  There are two articles about the subject matter that more or less gives some more light to the question although it may not be the answer that you were hoping for.  The links are:



there is  hope  for  medicare  in the  Philippines, at  the  present  residents of  Guam and  the other  American Islands can use  their  medicare  in the  Philippines,i have  heard the  new  health care  law  has  a provision  for  offshore  payment, we shall see.

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