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I am born and brought up in Saudi Arabia and i m working in Saudi Arabia as a doctor in a private clinic . I have my all degress attested and SCFHS license also ..
I had one year experience after internship and as i was born here so i didnt need any more experience  and i gt the license by submitting my documents 2 years back..

Last year my SCFHS license got expired and i went for the renewal .. they asked my to get the iqama transfer from my father to clinic and approach with clinic mandoob for renewal ... I gt the iqama transfered and now i m on clinic sponsor and my profession is also doctor .

When i handed over all the documents required to my clinic mandoob for card renewal he said u need to
1. Change the name on iqama as on passport and certificates and
2. Also 2 years exp certificate .( I have one year certificate with attestations after that i gt the card and i joined in this clinic only until nw)

When i approched before for renewal the saudi council people told me u need BLS , Clinic Letter from when your wrking date ,form for re-registartion and fees - 150 for just "" Ta3deel "" but afer transfer of iqama...

But my mandoob is asking me to get name change first in iqama..
Jawazt people rejected stating that birth certificate name should be changed ..

I have a family name Syed Mohd ... And my name is nadeem ..
My passport and all educational degree certificates all are having my name Syed Mohd Nadeem even the saudi council accredition certificate and card are with this name.
Whereas the name in my  Iqama is “Nadeem” which is according to my birth certificate and adding my father’s name along with it, making it as “Nadeem Abdul Qader”.

Now I am having problem when trying to change my name in the birth certificate as I was born in  Saudi Arabia. Being two different names I am suffering a lot for the past 3-4 months
while renewal of  my SFHS card and it seems my iqama wont be renewed if saudi council is not renewed and for that name has to be changed in birth certificate

I kindly & humbly request you all here to lent me a helping hand and enlighten me with your knowledge on :

1. how  to get my name change in birthcertificate ...

2. after how long saudi council card can be renwed after expiry...

I am really screwed up for the past few months running here and there .Until now on my old iqama also my name used to be hand written as on passport.. When computerised card after al these 25 years i have this issue. 

Please find me a way out with early response ..

Jazakallah khair..

Its sure complicated since your passport is based on birth certificate and usually to change the name in the certificate here they ask for the passport.

Here is what you can do, go to Ahwal Al Madani office and ask them the process to change name in birth certificate. They might give you a solution or run around to another department.

Another solution is to change the name completely, by doing an official proclamation and then based on that change your passport name first and then use this passport to resolve your issues. You can use the official name change as reason to solve your case.

Thank you for your reply sir

My fathers name is Syed Mohd Ahmed Qader .. his name is correct and full in his iqama and passport are same

My passport name , professional degrees, saudi council license for health specialist are all having same name .. Syed Mohd Nadeem..
Only iqama and birth certificate name is having one name .. Nadeem ...

Because im born here they are telling iqama will be according to birth certificate and not by passport name.

So i need to change the name in birth certificate as passport name... Mandoob asked in jawazat they said get a letter or certificate that this is the name from embassy and get it changed in birth certificate first then in iqama .

But ahwal madani people are not talking only properly to how to ..

I went to the embassy they said they can issue only geniness certificate as per passport name ..

So i want to know how the procedure is to change name in birth certificate from ahwal madani in shahada milad ..

There is only way to do this and this is through ahwal al madani, you need to go there and check it out.

Dear Nadeem,

Any luck with your name change?

My son has same problem with name.

Please update me.


I am Saradha working sa staff nurse in al nairyah hospital.i delivered here,I got the baby name Al rayyan Raees in birth certificate I need to change the name in birth certificate I can change?what is the procedure?can u help me plz!!!!!

Even i don't know can we know the answer who know's

Any update of your issue? Bcz I have same problem for my son birth certificate.

is it possible to adding 2nd name in the birth certificate ? bcz as per the passport i have mentioned 2nd name for my both the sons....
Now in the passport First / 2nd / and last name....but in the BC  is only First and last name ....
if anyone help me for above subject....

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