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I'm looking for a good nursery or garden store, preferably in the northern suburbs of Jeddah, but right now, I'll probably settle for any old nursery. Any suggestions?




I would had suggested Fifa in Tahlia street if they were not on the process of relocating, so try Sultan Gardens (off Tahlia Street- Ibrahim Al Juffaly Street  near the Jordanian Consulate).

Another good option, not available on all times, but worth giving it a try  is with the small trucks bringing plants from Jordan to sell it here on the street.  If it happens that they are in Jeddah now, they will be parking their trucks one near the roundabout next to Dar Jana School in Rwada Dis. and the second one next to Papaya Restaurant in Al Shataa Dis.

And if worse comes to worse, I always got nice plants at a reasonable cost at Carrefoure.

Ahmad- this tidbit you did not share previously.... Now I'm on the hunt for mobile Jordanian live plant dealers! Lol thx dear!

Yeah I don’t reveal my tips all at once, it keeps other in need for me looool…actually another of Jeddah best kept secrest concerning  plants and gardening  is that you can actually rent some plants for a short period of time !!!... true story. Lest say that you invited people to your villa and you want to impress them with your “green Figures” you contact a guy who will provide you with impressive plants for 20% of its original selling price.

You could always just get fake plants. Hindewiya (totally spelled wrong probably) souq had some nice fake plant shops last week

Fake plants !! can’t talk to them, zero help to the environment, you can’t hug them, they will not kiss you back and they will not die on you teaching you the true meaning of life and death … hate them  :blink:

I agree w ahmadaq! Fake plants have no photo tropic soul! Lol

pajaroflor :

I agree w ahmadaq! Fake plants have no photo tropic soul! Lol

Ditto.  Plus you have to dust them :lol:

Ok...I get it.. I've been in serviced flats w serviced plants... Works for me and they are always great looking and healthy as the company changes them out as they need repotting etc or depending on entertaining etc... Let me know where or who! Thx dear!

I was just wondering if you found any Garden Center, i am looking for a good place as well..
Starting a hobby and making a Vertical Garden.


Did you read the thread?

2 locations posted right there in the 2nd post.

Some update on this thread…

I started my roof garden last month and it’s looking great now, am sooo proud of myself  :par:

Any ways, if someone is looking for cheap outdoor plants then there are two areas to go to  for really great deals (as cheap as 25% of the asked price in Jeddah ,,,if not even less).

Around Mersal Village Amusement Park, North-East of Jeddah, (also for Clay Pots), aske people there to find the different nurseries. The second area is the nurseries east of Briman Bridge taking the new Makah-Jeddah Highway( Ta’aneem-Makkah to Jeddah Airport new highway). You will notice trees in the narrow small Valleys reachable by dirt roads, that’s where all those nurseries are located, there are like 4 valleys each reachable by one entranced dirt road.

how does the garden look.  i want to start my vertical garden as well.  any learned lessons:)

Hi gfakieh,

Welcome on board :)

Feel free to start a new topic with all your questions on the Jeddah Forum for better visibility as in the discussion here is a bit old :)

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My Garden is looking great, and to be honest it had changed our lifestyle to the better.

Don’t buy the Locally made or the Egyptian imported clay pots , they disintegrate within the first year. If you like Clay Pots (like me) then use the imported Vietnamese or Italian ones.

You must mix your peat moss with Sand that you can buy from any plants nursery ( Sands from the valleys near Jeddah so it will contain less Salt)

For Peat moss, plastic pots, seeds, chemicals…etc  the best places to buy them are from the many  agriculture shops in King Khalid Road ( Kilo-2 )

Don’t fertilize the plants during the summer months

If you don’t want to start all over every Autumn, you must provide your plants with shade during summer months. I use the green plastic sheets that will look as a tent when install, buy at least the ones that give you 50% shade (The one I have is 70%).

If you like to grow your own food then your best chance are with; Okra, Roselle, sweet potato, Molokhia, Onion, Sugar Can, Annona, Mint, Kidney bean and sage ( tried them all and it was great) . If you have some space, then  try Mango, Papaya and local small Lemon.

Good Luck with your Garden

Hello Ahmad,
Thanks for the tips.
I am compiling a list of all garden centers/nurseries in and around Jeddah (including few in Dammam, Riyadh) - so far found 14 companies/nurseries that can supply plants in KSA (most of them are Jeddah based).

For a project that I am working on, I am in need of the following plants in different quantities (if the original ones are not available, then substitute ones can also be planted)

Name of the Plant -                           Quantity
Aeonium aureum (Aa) -                       36 items
Aspidistra elatior (Ae) -                       12 items
Aspidistra elatior variegata (Aev) -       21 items
Asplenium trichomanes (At) -              50 items
Begonia sp. (Bs) -                              72 items
Clorophytum comosum (Cc) -              49 items
Dieffenbachia nicolette (Dm) -             22 items
Ficus pumila (Fp) -                             234 items
Ficus pumila variegata (Fpv) -             283 items
Hedera helix variegata (Hhv) -             129 items
Hypoeste phyllostachya (Hp) -             77 items
Impatiens walleriana (Iw) -                   24 items
Kentia palm (Kp) -                              12 items
Ophiopogon planiscarpus nigrescens -  217 items
Peperomia caperata (Pc) -                   74 items
Pilea cardierei (Pci) -                           95 items
Scindapsus aureau (Sa) -                     51 items
Senecio radicans (Sr) -                        79 items
Syngonium "regina red" (Srr) -              25 items

can you guide me to any shop/place that may assist me??

Wow Ahmad... i love your passion on gardening.
i would like to invite you to visit my FB Page " Jeddah Gardeners Club"  we can learn from you many things

Hi Ahmed,

can you tell me where can i find thing related to gardening like green shading sheet, peat moss, coco peat and pesticides etc. ?

Which carefour?

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