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Hello all.

I lost my passport and sent for and received a new passport.  In the meantime of course, I found the old passport.  It is no good anymore but my BR Visa is attached to the old passport.  Do I need to re-apply for a new visa??

I can't speak for India. But I know expired, voided, canceled American passports that contain valid (non-expired/revoked) visas are valid until the date of expiration on the visa and can be used in conjunction with a new passport so long as it is the same issuing authority and country.

You should take your old passport to the US Consulate or Embassy, whichever is nearest along with the new one. They will officially void that document and return it to you. From this point onward, until expiration of the Brazil Visa you must carry both and present them jointly when entering and exiting the country. While the passport is no longer valid, the visa contained therein remains valid until it would normally expire.

William James Woodward, Brazil & Canada Expert, Expat-blog Team

I missed the original post when it said lost. My advice to you off the record is wait to you get to the US to surrender your passport. If you reported it stolen it will be seized. If you exit Brazil and return to the US then notify USCIS or the USPIC. Again, once a passport is reported lost or stolen it is no longer your property and you are required BY LAW to return it to the issuing authority, which I will assume is the US Department of State. When you made your report you acknowledged this upon signing the DS-64.

Further, losing a passport is a big deal. You may experience problems when arriving in the US or countries that do no require Visas from US Passport holders. Just keep a copy of your original DS-64 with you when you travel. And surrender your lost passport.
Information & Assistance. National Passport Information Center. 1-877-487-2778. 1-888-874-7793 (TDD/TTY).

It would certainly make better sense to me if they could just void the new passport

No your visa is good with the  old expired  Passport .
you need to carry both with you...
i have the same thing and Did trave 3 times just like you have
No problem .. But if you reported as a lost passport ?
then you  might have a different situation 
and You need to talk to somebody .
At the Brazil airport they look at your visa
and stamp the date into the new passport.
but if the Brazilians know that passport as stolen ?
Even when the visa is in that  P.port, and so is your name.
I don't know man.
I would go to the US consulate and
let them take your P.port off from the stollen list.

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