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I have just moved to Rabat and I am looking for an Expat Women's group. Can anyone recommend anything?
If not, would anyone be interested in joining one and I would be happy to set it up. (Although I would need some help as I have zero knowledge of the city at the moment.)

I was living in france before and I was a member of the franglish wives and partners group on meet up. It was a really active group with events and meetings organized regularly. As an english speaker it was so nice to go out from time to time and just speak in english and get to know other women in the same situation as me. I would love to have the same kind of support network here in Morocco.

Welcome to Morocco!  I'm giving you the link to AIWA (American International Women's Association in Rabat), which welcomes all nationalities.  Yes, I agree, it's very important to have a support network especially living in a new place.  Good luck.

Thanks for the link. Are you a member? if so can you tell me more about the organization?

No, I live in Kenitra so it's kind of hard for me to attend but I know several people who have been members (they no longer live in Morocco).  It's pretty well organized, in the site there are pictures of their various gatherings, so you can get an idea.  At the moment I believe they're preparing for the annual bazar held at the American School.  I went once with my family;  it was nice to take the kids as there were activities for them.  They also do volunteer work and have a number of sub-clubs, crafts, reading, fun, etc.  I think you will like it.  As I said, I live in Kenitra and even though I work in Rabat, time is limited as I depend on public transportation so pretty much I just run to work and back.  Take care

I am in Essaouira (Moderated: Register in the Rabat business directory) I have the experience of organising events including setting groups up and running them, maybe there are some expats in Essaouira who would be interested in forming a group or just an informal meeting in the Essaouira area?
my contact is  marygregory[at]

welcome I am Moroccan woman but I am in contact with some americcan's organization. if you want I can arrange a meeting between you and them.

Hi amahaf7,

That would be great you can private me or post on here with details. I am not American, I hope that's not a problem

Hello, I cam across your post while looking for the exact same thing. Did you have any luck in your search?

I would be happy to set something up.
Nadine Presley.

Hi Nadine, I joined the AIWA and I'll be going to the first meeting tomorrow. Otherwise I haven't found anything else yet. I'll post here if I do.

I moved to Kenitra  in July and I am looking for the same thing!  I would love to interact with other women who might be able to provide incite into Morocco.

Hi everybody!
i'm italian and i've just moved to Rabat for work. I was already living in Morocco, but in the south so i have no contacts at the moment.  I would be very happy to join some group and meet some new people..
my husband is still attending a course in Ouarzazate (miles away!) and the week can be very long all by myself!

Bonsoir Amahaf7,

Je serais intéressée des sociétés américaines afin de poser ma candidature, merci d avance

@ Nadia > Can you post in english on this english speaking forum please? It will help everybody to understand and to participate.

Thank you,

Priscilla team

just moved to Merrickche looking for a woman's only group too

Hi, I just wanted to let you all know that I created a group on Meetup called Expat Women in Rabat. I would like to organize meet ups for coffee or drinks to start with, to get to know other women here in Rabat and hopefully make some friends.

If you are interested in spending time with other english speaking expat women please join my group. I just created it so I'm currently the only member but don't let that put you off. The more people join the better it will be.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to add links on this but here you go;]

Just wanted to say that I now have about 10 member in the group I created.

We are planning to meet up after Ramadan for coffee and to meet each other in person.

I will be very happy for more women to join. The group requirement are that 1) you must be a woman 2) you must speak english (at least enough to have a good conversation)

here is the link again in case you are interested.

Hi Jemm,

Please note that we do organize meeting on as well and instead of linking members to your group on meetup why don't you create one here :)

We can guide you and assist you to organize a meeting in Rabat

Thank you


Oh really, I didn't know it was possible to do something like that with this site. How do you manage something like that on Is it possible to create a group and manage the membership or would it just be a forum that anyone can view?

hi there if you are still looking for english speaking friends i'm here

Hello all, I just joined the women group outside of the established earlier this year but I am also happy to join one here. Just wanted to say that there is also a FB group for English speaking women in Rabat:

Hi everybody,

This is just to inform you all that some inappropriate posts have been removed from this discussion.



Sadly, I came too late so all those groups were already deleted, so please if you have something new inform me if it's fine for a native person to join.

Hi ladies,

I would like to seek your assistance to find the job and live in Moroccco. My fiance is moroccan and we are planning to get married. I currently work in Dubai. I have experiences in hospitality for 7 years and administration. I would love to stay there. Please if you can help me for this matter. Thank you so much.

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