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Hiiii.... Myself Basu

I''m planning to move nairobi for a new job. They r giving me USD 2200 PM+ Single bedroom accommodation +family status+car+fuel+up&dn air tkt once in a year for me and family+medical+accidental benefits.

Is the package ok?

Also I need to know about the company.

Kindly suggest.


I have 21 years of experience in Sales in the field of Office Automation, Insurance and Bank Physical Security Products.

Looking  for a opportunity in kenya. Can someone be of help to me in getting a job.



murthydsr :


I have 21 years of experience in Sales in the field of Office Automation, Insurance and Bank Physical Security Products.

Looking  for a opportunity in kenya. Can someone be of help to me in getting a job.



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Hey All,

Its nice to chat you all. By the way I had an offer from one of the Good company in Nairobi. They Offer as USD. 3750/- with all the benefits. By the way i just wondering from you all is that good offer for my Position. How about the Business Status in the Kenya. Still am Bit confused. i should go for this Offer. Orelse how much i should Expect more.

Before Joining. am planning to visit Nairobi, kenya. By next month.

Kindly guide me.

Thanks for your Advices


I have been offered a Job in Nakuru,  Kenya. with a salary of  2732 approx USD. What benefits should I ask from my prospective employer apart from the salary. We are 3 members including a 8 year old kid.

Medical and accommodation

thanks  :)

papa56in :

thanks  :)

Medical, accommodation, transport to and from work and try them for school fees.

i am moving in with my 18months old kid. can i find any creche in parklands area, so that i can pursue my job

i want to start business(manufacturing unit)  in nairobi so please advise it is safe for me to do business. I can understand English but can't speak. Can I survive here. please also need ur advise

Hi I am Arvind from India.

I am a brand and communications specialist. I currently have an offer from Nairobi which is offering me $4000 post deductions/month.

I currently draw INR 2 lakhs (Approx $3100) post deductions / month in Bangalore India. Is this a viable option for a move? I believe the living cost of Nairobi is much higher than India specially for accommodation, education and healthcare (the latter 2 not being very high in India).

If they improve the offer to $5500/month would it make sense to consider if its just this salary and no benefits?

We live in 3BR gated community and the little one goes to a great school here. Don't want to compromise on either and yet be able to save. We are 3 of us the wifey, me and our little girl (aged 2). No vices!! :)

Hi Mr.Karthik,

How r u.I got an offer from a automobile company as production manager.They said accomodation and transport,child education should be taken care by me and the amount will be refelect in salary.I have 17 yrs experience  and presently am working in nigeria.Here am getting 2700 usd as overseas and local allowance and other benefits will be taken care by company(I dont need to spend anything from my hand).
Kindly suggest me that how much i can ask the salary.If possible pls give me ur contact details or message me in whats ap to xxx
With regards

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Hi coming to Kenya on anAfrican Safari we are being picked from the airport and will be in Kenya for 7 days Nairobi / Amboseli /Masai Mara  etc - Since coming with wife and daughter just wanted some info on is Kenya Safe to move around with 2 women

Hi are I still in Nairobi? Would like to know if it's a safe place to move around with 2 ladies...we are planning to be in Africa for abt 7 days

Is there any icse board school ? Wat yearly fees?  What will be living cost for 3 persons ? Room rent how much

Hi. Im from kerala, currently i got a job offer in Luanda, Kenya. Do u have any idea about the Place ? I'm offered with a salary ok 90k per month. Is that enough to stay there ? Room + daily travel+ air ticket will be paid by the company. I don't have any other contacts there.
The company name is  Kotecha Wholesellers

That'll be great if u can help with these !!
Thanks in advance.
Arun Kesavan

Its enough to stay here.dont worry.

Hello Guys,

I will be shifting to Nairobi this early June. Would like to make friends there specially couples as we are Indian couple.

Also would be really helpful if anyone can share the current situation there and any important tips to consider before moving in.

Saurabh karnawat

Hi Saurabh,

Welcome to Nairobi, Its a nice city (except for traffic, it can be a pain).....there is a very large Indian community in Nairobi, so you are surely going to feel at home

I hope you have a great time in Nairobi....if you need any info let me know....would be happy to help

Thanks Saurabh for the warm welcome and comfort about the city.

Can suggest between Thika and Nairobi which would be better place to stay as my office will be in Thika and as you suggested traffic is a big issue i may end up spending lots of time in traffic if i stay in nairobi.

Can also let me know how would be Thika to stay considering indian community and food and other utilities availability. Also in terms of safety.

Saurabh Karnawat

Hi saurabh,
U can stay in Nbo. As it will be against d traffic both time n u may reach in 30 to 45 min.
Thika is a town with slow life style,
Nbo u will get everything u n ur wife/ family needs easily, good flats/ house, friends circle., Hotel, restaurant, hospital, school, market, malls, theater, shops etc. Comparatively better,
Hope this helps,

Thanks Prashant. Make sense.

Hi, I have got a job offer for Nairobi. Currently living in New Delhi. Have to come with wife and two kids, 19yrs and 12yrs old. Which college and school would be good? How much should be salary to cover cost of living, schooling and savings?

Hi Pankaj, I am from Delhi NCR i.e. Faridabad. when are you planning to come?
what package you have been offered? my email address is s***. you can just send me mail, will communicate through mail. Regards Sanjay

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