New to Riyadh -- Let's hang out!

Hi all,

My name is Jonathan, and I'm a 26-year old American beginning a job in Riyadh. I'm hoping to make some friends and find some interesting things to do -- hopefully starting this weekend. I speak French and Arabic, if either of those is your thing, and I brought my hiking boots, as all-terrain outings are welcome!

I appreciate any Riyadhi love y'all can muster!


people go for Hash ! bowling... even there are some embassy events... stay in touch... and wish u a great stay in Riyadh..


hi Jonathan UR welcome BRO. and I hope we can meet together.

Best wishes

Thanks, guys! How do I contact the Hashers? Also, if anyone has housing suggestions (compounds or DQ), please let me know!

PM me if you want to get together this weekend!

Hey welcome to riyadh . I am also new here :P hope we can be friends:)

Welcome to Riyadh.

Some members of this forum meet almost every week at different places. For details you may browse through this thread There's also a bowling get together every other week so you can join them as well.

Guys ...

Please keep Hash and hash related discussion limited to (very) private and trust worthy circles only.

Until unless you want to experiment with your head and neck relationship.

Welcome to Saudi Jonathan!

I like guiding newcomers around the city and give advises on dos and don'ts.

Let me know your likes and dislikes then we'll take it from there :)

Senait M. K

welcome to riyadh Jonathan hit me up if you want to know about riyadh

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Welcome to the mysterious Kingdom Jonathan!Its a tough journey man. Best of luck!



I am interested to meet you in Riyadh  :D 
waiting fof ur reply

Jonathan, Welcome to KSA,

Good to see you speak french and arabic too. The  Arabic speaking Americans I have met are either off springs of Iraqis and Lebanese who have lived in USA for generations and have preserved their culture and language wonderfully. The second category are the ones who have been taught the bookish arabic  اللغة الفصحة that the agencies teach their employees  ;)

I bet you will have a wonderful time here, learn a little of Urdu/Hindi too, you will find it useful.

You posted your blog in November 2013, let us all know how you are satelliting in.

Thanks for the love, guys! Things are going pretty well here. My compound is nice, I've met great Saudis, Arabs and westerners, and the World Cup is keeping me entertained.

Always looking to chat in Arabic if anyone's interested...I speak shami with a pretty strong jabali accent from Lebanon, so be warned!

Thanks for clarification, much relieved :unsure

Hahahaha that's greeeeeeeeeeeeeat
I guess u r practicing Lebanese (Jabali) singing as well ;)

Let's hang out!
or attend that Arabian Style Parties (& Oud Playing)
at several compounds in Riyadh

you are very welcome to join us anytime  ;)

Heey, it's a pleasure to get to know you I was born here actually. If you want you can text me on whatsapp my number is ***

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let's do it

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