Jubail Compound Life, Rent, Women Freedom and Lot More !!!


I am from India and very soon planning to move in Jubail, as everyone thinks before entering in new country I am also doing the same thing...anyway I would like to have your experience advise on list of compound and rate of them which are in JUBAIL only.

Let's keep friendship & Enjoy life:)



Gaurang dear, just come and join here, family shall follow you later after some formal requirements met..meanwhile you can have a look and comparison of family residence options, there is a variety of that available to you to choose, in RC, in down town, in walled compound, in open areas, apartments, independent house, villa, you name it, by the way, all are safe and worthwhile, rent can go from 10000 SR per year to 100,000 SR, as per category, size and location...

Hi Valor 123,

Thanks for your reply & proper advise, What is your name? Where do u live in Jubail? In which company do you work? Actually I was just worried about my wife's freedom & life because there is NO entertainment and I felt that it will be difficult for her to pass the time alone while I am at office.

From which state do you belongs to? According what kind of housing should be best for couple?

Be in touch...Cheers

you are welcome dear, i work in sabic, feel free to contact for anything that comes to your mind, i am pakistani, take care

Actually I was just worried about my wife's freedom & life because there is NO entertainment and I felt that it will be difficult for her to pass the time alone while I am at office.

Unless your company is requiring you to arrange your own compound or housing (very unusual) see if they give you any options. 

If you want to be with others from India, there are many here and your wife won't lack for friends and things to do with them.

Rest easy on that one.

Hello Mister Strech

Thanks for your prompt information, anyway I will be getting SAR 24000 PA for Housing once I will bring my wife over there.

I can understand that there would be lots of Indians but would like know from you that whether SAR 24000 will be good enough to live in average faciliated house.

Villa would not be affordable for me as it is very costly and the same freedom which you can get in villa, will it be possible to find out in some other types of housing in the above mentioned budget amount.

I will be living in AL JUBAIL not in Industrial City and it would be near to AL VENTURA and other compunds.

I will meet you once I am over there...Cheers...

Mister Stretch, what's the difference between Al Jubail and Jubail Industrial City? Are they both very far from each other? Are there actually compounds in the Industrial City itself?

Look in the Jubail pics, there is a map I did the other day.  Shows how far they are.

Yes, compounds in Industrial City itself...and outside (mostly).

And Nesma is building a new compound behind the one I am in now.  That's outside old Jubail near the Navy base.

Industrial City is part of KSA's movement to rely on something other than oil production.  There are several in the country.

Along the coast of Industrial City, they are building nice shopping centers, walking parks and there will be many Western restaurants and small shops there.

Old Jubail is more typically Saudi, but there are lots of foreign workers (men)there.  Some of them have brought their wives, too.

As far as telling you housing prices, I can't help you.  I live on a compound, my company pays for all.  You might find an OFW site that serves folks from your home country that could help you.

(PS, I think the amount they are offering for housing is quite good, though)

Mister Stretch, thanks for clearing that up. We are going to be staying in the new extension of Nesma, we will be neighbors then!

Wow...when are you planning on arriving?  They are just pouring the foundations now.

If all goes well we should be able to join my husband there in the summer... I think we will be lodged in the existing compound til the new units are done. So, a bbq is in order in the near future! :)

Cool...bbq is easily done.  I have a nice little grill.

I am moving compounds but from one side of the Nesman compound to the other side...just as close.

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