New legislation for 50cc mopeds

i recently arrived in olinda , got a new 50 cc as it was the easiest option , now its just been passed that they have to be registered ( which in itself is no problem )But i suppose that means that riders need to have a licence,,,,,, that's a problem , this all happens at the beginning of january so how on earth are 350 thousand or whatever the figure is going to pass the test by then ?

Hi Rick,

You're new in Brazil, and it shows!

None of the bureaucratic BS in this country ever makes sense and quite frankly the Brazilian government couldn't care less. They pass a law and that's that... everybody simply has to conform to it. That's why so many Brazilians drive without licences.

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Its madness

Welcome to the REAL Brazil. If you think this is bad just wait until you find out that the tax laws (already the most complex in the civilized world) change on almost a monthly basis.

Cinquentinhas terão que ser registradas na CTTU...,473220/cinquentinhas-terao-que-ser-registradas-na-cttu.shtml

As motocicletas de 50 cilindradas, popularmente conhecidas como cinquentinhas, terão que ser registradas e licenciadas em Recife. A Câmara de Vereadores aprovou, nesta segunda-feira, o projeto de lei de autoria da prefeitura determinando a iniciativa. A partir de janeiro de 2014, os proprietários das cinquentinhas deverão cadastrar os veículos junto à Companhia de Trânsito e Transporte Urbano do Recife (CTTU) para obtenção do Certificado de Registro. A Taxa de Cadastro de Veículo Ciclomotor é fixada na nova lei no valor de R$ 10.

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Foto: Bernardo Dantas/DP/D.A Press.

@ricklingard - would you mind writing in English on the English Forum please :)

I would register the damn thing and FORGET the drivers license
What are they going to do if you don't have one ?  Just tell them it's at home or some other lame (Brasilian) excuse !
Noa temos nada comigo hoje !

Cops will just shake their heads and let you go !

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