True Love

We often hear about 'True Love'..What is 'True Love'? How do we know the characteristics of 'True Love'?

I think it's when you want to bone a girl so much, it's actually painful until you do.
I'm such an old fashioned romantic at heart.

Good question!

I know some explanations relevant to the reaction of the body to some hormons.

For mas Fred and Mudruffoceano9 :

whether it involves passion and sexual attraction? control or be controlled? or more simply rely on feelings ?

I see many people act in the name of 'Love' willing to do anything as if They were really sincere..but the fact that in looking for sex only..

For many people, they see sex as true love as they know no other kind. If someone is brought up in a non loving environment, then intimacy and ultimately sex would become  true love and the more manipulative person can use that to their own ends.
At the end of the day, everyone has their own idea of true love and it might not be agreeable to all.

I don't believe in true love, everything is a choice whether you choose to commit or whatnot, to think there's a certain someone that is your 'true other' sound somewhat foolish.

But love is foolish indeed, swhy most people love being in love or life could become boring I guess. :)

So romance not high on the list then? Many foolish things get done in the name of love /god/money but people still believe it's right thing to do.
Happily we all see things and feel things differently but no matter how much I love my wife you will never see me in matching  sweaters or t - shirts.

I'd like to see true love as in the way that it will fit you like a glove, but you can also match it with your t-shirts :P

I guess whenever I hear 'True Love' I always assume it's of the romantic kind/peppered with romantic notions.

Saying 'True Love' is usually similar to saying there's 'soulmate', which I personally don't believe in one bit. :P

So to me, 'Love' is a curious bond forged by two people who are willing to compromise and put their time in order to care for each other.

Though by definition it can work for friendship and family too i guess..

Romance, on he other hand, is really nice to have and experience for sure. But I won't kid myself that it's an eternal/true thing ;) It's sure fun as hell whenever it's there though.

mas fred hit the nail on the head--in fact im in a lot of pain rite now--hahahahahahah!!
But really I think its when you care about your mate more then you care about yourself,and you feel that its mutual--- O and the bone thing too.

It was a US Marine Corps second lieutenant who first told me what I have finally come to understand and appreciate…love is a verb.

He was absolutely right…love is work…lot’s of it.

You’ll know you’re there…true love…when years later when you still wake up next to the same person you’ve been waking up next to for years upon years, and that person still makes you smile and happy to be alive…you’ve got true love.

I think true love is Love without condition.
However, its hard to find true love as most start with certain conditions.

Hi kelly ' yok opo kabare '  # i think it's disconnecting brind. True love for indonesian mean and for other people of other planet. Ha ha ha ha ha . If kelly said  SINCERE LOVE alike genuine then u r  understand. In indonesia call " cinta sejati "

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