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Pinoyuzbek I am planning to travel to Uzbekistan nxt year..i have lots of Uzbek friends here in korea telling me a lot of great things about it safe to travel there? how long have u been living there? are there a lot of Filipinos living in Tashkent? thanks for accommodating my questions.

Hi Sheng:-)
Unfortunately I'm the only one lfilipino living here in Tashkent, I've been here almost a year now and Tashkent is the place where I can say "peaceful country". People here are so kind specially if they will know that you're a foreigner. There are some foreigners here but only one filipino and that's me hehehehe only Koreans are a lot in here.
Anyway are you planning to visit or work here?
Uzbekistan is not Afghanistan which people thinks about safety. Here in Uzbekistan is zero 0 crime, even you can walk alone late at night and you can assure that no one can harm you.
Anyways you can ask me more, just send me email ronnie.lingotan[at]

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im planning to visit maybe early next year:) are u working there?i'll sure contact you if my plans pushthroug ,i'll email u for further inquiries later on hehehe  thanks so much!

Hello am coming to tashkent next week regarding job before I was working in Afghanistan for 3 years in supreme fuels can you help me to find jobs in tashkent

Hi, i would just like to know how long have you been living there, whats your work?
Kindly tell me how to land a job there, i am 36 years old, filipina and currently here in the philippines.

Thank you and hoping to hear from u soon

I'm staying in Uzbekistan for 9months and stayed with my Uzbek wife. I stayed home only and enjoying the country going from city to city, and it was really a great country. But the only sad thing is that I'm the only filipino there. I don't know how to apply a job there because I'm lazy hehehe just want to explore sleep and eat,,,,
Anyway we're here in America already and we'll be back in Uzbekistan in 2 years.

Hi there.. I'm a Filipina and I've met an Uzbek guy so I caught an interest to join here.. I wonder about Uzbek people as my Uzbek friend told me that all Uzbek are not allowed to marry any nationality... or should i say, it's a shame for them if they will marry other nationality. Just want to clarify this issue..

Thanks a lot!!

Dear all, welcome to Uzbekistan!!
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