Just moved to La Ceiba Beach Club from Fox Creek Alberta Canada

In September we drove from fox creek Alberta bought a small bungalow from Chris Barrett Developer at LA Ceiba Beach Club.Honduras great home we purchased and as we walk off our door step   we have to the left mountain view  and to the right area short step is  the ocean right there to enjoy. You can buy a lot here  and have your dream home built here and  so reasonably price we could not find those deals any where else.All we have looked for or needed we found here. Chris Barrett made are dreams come true life is great.The Honduran people go out of there way to help you in any way they can . They are very hard working  skilled workers. Take pride in what they accomplish.

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sasha8012 It's amazing how many Canadians are purchasing in La Ceiba Beach Club. Glad you are able to retire and live full time and a good life

Hi, I am coming to Honduras in June to check things out. Not sure where we want to settle, a friend of ours has property on the Iise of Tigr'e so we are heading over to Amapala  for a few days. Would appreciate any info about living in Honduras especially for retired expats and where would be best place to purchase a home for a reasonable price.

If you want to be near other expats and a city with pretty much everything you will need (hospital, malls, restaurants, movies etcetera) La Ceiba may be your final destination. The Bay Islands are right off the coast here and gorgeous mountain ranges. We are having a cookout right now on the beach.

What were your thoughts on Amapala.  I'm looking into moving there within the next several years.

Not much going on there at all.

That's exactly what I'm looking for.  Any recommendation on a quality home builder in that area?  What are the building requirements as far as depth of footers for foundation walls on that type of island?

Regarding Amapala, the government plans are these...
The best ports in the central american caribbean are in Honduras...Puero Cortes and Puerto castilla in Trujillo.
These will have a "dry canal" road that crosses the country to the pacific, specifically to Amapala, which has a depth for big boats that not even Panama has(?), where a new port will be built. The gulf of Fonseca where it is located is protected from the open Pacific.
Amapala will soon, apparently, will have a bridge built by the koreans to link it to the mainland.
So... if al this is true, Amapala real estate will skyrocket.
I know a couple of people who can help anyone interested.
Call me if you want at 9988 5232
Saludos cordiales

Gracias Jorge,  I've been to Amapala several times over the last two years.  I enjoy being around the locals and sampling all the fresh seafood.  I definitely see the island as a great investment and will have my piece of waterfront property long before the big developers come in.    One thing you forgot to mention is that cruise ships will be making Amapala a port of call in the very near future.  Muchas Gracias y que tenga un buen fin de semana.

I thought they were putting a canal through nicaragua?  That would put honduras with no shipping.

I've work lots around Fox Vegas. Hoping to build a business in Roatan.

Yes La Ceiba has been strong throughout many years and difficult worldwide times.

So I'm very curious... how was your drive?

I'm looking at Roatan and have considered driving down to La Ceiba and then ferrying the car (and maybe a watercraft) over to the island.

Google maps says it's about a 55 hour (obviously longer with sleep, etc) drive for me, and driving across Mexico and Guatemala towing a boat might be.... scary?

Any info would be much appreciated.

[Note that I just saw that the original post was several years old... anyone know about driving more recently]

They are good at construction, but be careful please!

I have driven from the states to Honduras many times.  As recently as last month . PM me if you have questions or need advice.     Pete

Could you just rent a shipping container?  I shipped a Austin mini from England to Seattle for about $1000

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