unpaid Credit Card going back (expat)

Hi..i left ksa in 2012 because i was terminated by the ministry of health due to saudization..i had unpaid bank laon but my hospital was able to get me final exit i left without any problem..and on the same year i was able to return in ksa with a new employer..i was able to have my new iqama,open bank account,and i even have as ceedit card i even had my vacation  twice without any problem..but i receive an fb mesej from a collecting agency in the philippines asking me to communicate with them to settle my accounts if not they will seek legal action..but before i left ksa on final exit visa my employer told me it will be paid by the insurance company as i was terminated because of saudization which is a government program...

what company calling u while in u on the phillipines?...what kind of harras they make? :)

can any advice what to do on my card?...

my card now is already clear....ill pay more than 8k riyals...and now..ill go exit next year..and i have a plan to use it before i go exit..and ill continue paying on my`s that ok?..and my card is SABB...

and my 2nd issue...WHAT IF (hope it will not happen) i connot pay there (since no sure job,but ill do my best to get job)..there any problem also?..and how they can track me on my country?...they calling me or what?..if any 1 have a same problem like me..please told me how they can harrast  you to pay your BALANCE...

last thing..its ok if i didnt return my card if i go exit here?

THANKS for advance! :)....

Like all of you I am facing the same problem. I had paid my credit card before I left the kingdom on Dec 2012. I did not close my credit card as i am about to transfer on other employer on 2013. although it was paid and left in good standing. That year due to saudiZation I was not able to come back. I used my credit card in the philippines. and left unpaid for a year. the amount was 3500 sr. I am suprised for others who posted here having huge amount. although it was a very small amount. i am afraid that i may get arrested. i am about to come back and accepted an offer this dec 2014.

what happened now? did u came back and work again in Saudi? several months after your post! Your reply is highly appreciated.thanka

how about if  i am going to write a bank asking for a settlement and show my job offer, and i will continue the payment,

I left KSA in June 2013 on a final exit visa upon no renewal of contract. I turner in my iqama. I replied to emails with riyadh bank informing them and inquiring how I can pay them. I never received a response from the bank. The next year in 2014 I came back to KSA but on a government multi entry business visa. I had no iqama. I went to the bank in jeddah to try to make a payment. The manager at the bank told me that I could not make a deposit because I didn't have an igama. My credit card payments were auto drafted from my bank account and with no money in the account meant no cc payment. I really tried but couldn't do anything without iqama   My question is that I hope to return soon on a work visa and I will get a new igama: will I have problems getting back into the country because of the outstanding debt owed to the bank. I have no problems to pay it and really want to pay it.

could anyone here know how to contact the saudi hollandi bank to settle my loan? cause i am calling them in their contact number posted in web the website but not exist. please for your help.

I have an unpaid CC Balance with Samba in KSA. I plan to pay my balance when I get to work abroad again. I plan to apply a job bound to another GCC Country like Qatar, would I be having a problem in connection with my unpaid credit card balance in KSA?

I would appreciate a reply. Thanks everyone.

I was in Saudi for 3 yrs and left the country  permanently to USA  in 2007 and have no plans for going to Saudi except umrah/haj. I had a unsettled saudi british bank credit card balance of under 10,000 riyals.

I got a phone call today after 8 yrs asking to settle the balance for the first time. I was surprised that they got my contact details ( I left them none).

I actually felt embarrassed and plan to pay them now. My question here is i have american passport now and does it affect my visa application now  for umrah and haj

JohnMartin :

@jaxstone09, were you in KSA now?
I was able to settle my credit card before I exit in Saudi Arabia, however, I used the credit card when I worked in UAE.
From UAE I called the bank and ask how to make payment overseas, but the man on the phone told me, they have no collecting agencies in UAE, instead he told me to send the payment on my friends in Saudi Arabia to do the payment.
I didn't make a payment (from April 2013 until to date).
Now I will return and work again in Saudi Arabia, Surely I will settle my account with bank when I get there.
In case the bank already files a complaint against me,
1. Will I be get arrested when I arrive in the airport?

Also a question from my side.
Can he visit saudi arabia again for Umra or visit visa.
Secondly can this kind of debts unexpectedly if he did not pay and can he work in other GCC countries?
Kindly Answer

I have same problem also.i want to go back in Saudi I have unpaid credit card.i just want to ask if there is no problem in the airport?
I read some of the replies they it will be deported or detained or something..

I don't think that you can be deported for unpaid bills as for now! But highly recommend to try to settle all loans and credit card outstanding as now in Saudi Arabia, there is a credit bureau ( which is currently limited to Saudi Arabia but will be implemented throughout the GCC region and this could affect your credibility thus recommend to settle all your credit card bills, loans , car installments , mobile bills etc

Hello sir/mam..
                          Hope for the genuine answer so that my friend can get relief of it.  My friend has due of 20000 dihrams in uae and recently he has been terminated by his company and now he has nothing to pay back that amount and company asked him to bring clearance paper. So wht's gonna happen if he couldnt bring the clearance paper and couldnt pay that amount. Please reply me whoever can.. he has to go home ASAP due to his dad sickness.

Good Day

same issue i have unpaid credit card and unpaid loan is KSA for almost 2 years its around 60000 SAR planning to go to UAE  now i am in my home country can i travel to UAE now??

Good Day Everyone,

My company decided not to renew my contract and they gave me one month to find another company and If I cannot find I don't have choice but to go back to Philippines. I have an unpaid credit cards from several banks here in Saudi Arabia. Is it a problem or I will face problem in the immigration if I decided to go back to Philippines? Please I need your advice. Thank you.

Good day everyone.
Currently i worked in jeddah KSA. I have /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ from the private sector. I wasnt able to settle my monthly payment for almost 2 months due to my expired iqama and my account was freezed. Unfortunately i received a call from the agent that if i will not pay my monthly dues some policeman will come to my working place to put me on the jail. Is it possible to happen? Actually the agreement that i signed has a 10 months term of payment and this is my 4 month of the said agreemnt. Please advise.

I have a loan but because of termination I have not paid the emi for last 6 months and bank has cancelled my loan account. after 9 months I got a new job but before joining it I  want to go for an emergency vacation is there any problem in exit reentry and change of sponsorship. Kindly provide me a good suggestion.

It sounds like you are still in KSA and you were terminated from your previous company. Now you were hired by another company and need to exit from the kingdom. If you are still in the kingdom, better check with the bank. Because if they file complain for you, surely at the airport police will stop you from leaving.

No I am not going on exit I can change my sponsorship so it will be a local transfer with new company.I just want to go on emergency leave before joining the new company. I just want to know there ll be any problems in changing the sponsorship and for going on a short vacation

Changing of sponsor is not a problem, but leaving the kingdom might be a problem. Better check with the bank.

Thank you for your advice

My Brother has taken the personal loen from saudi Hollandi bank. Due to some issue, he was terminated & planing to return back to home country.

Now, Is it possible to pay this money installment from my side?

please advise the procedure to pay this monthly installment because we don't have this big amount to pay at once. i will pay this amount to bank on monthly bases behalf of my brother.

mdshafi :

My Brother has taken the personal loen from saudi Hollandi bank. Due to some issue, he was terminated & planing to return back to home country.

Now, Is it possible to pay this money installment from my side?

please advise the procedure to pay this monthly installment because we don't have this big amount to pay at once. i will pay this amount to bank on monthly bases behalf of my brother.

Visit the bank, if your brother is still here then take him also and ask them to reschedule it, or you can also negotiate the terms of repayment.

Don't worry you can pay monthly installments and you should have his iqama and loan account number to pay balance every month without delay. At the end you take a clean chit from a bank that you paid all dues. This is not big issue problem.

Hello I just want to asked I still have 1 year left with my loan (approximately 18000sr) at alrahji bank. I was hired in Qatar and they expect me to join right away that's the reason why i can't complete the one year remaining I do however plan to pay my loan with my end of service benefits which they will wire after 4 to 5 months. My question is if I join in Qatar will this unsettled loan become a problem in Qatar? Your reply is highly appreciated

Boy British :

I have the same issue with the SABB bank i have unpaid loan amounting 65k SAR and credit card around 10k sar leaving KSA in year 2008 . Now is 2014 having some good job offer in KSA again but Im afraid and thinking they might bring me to jail. Since have someone in collecting agency harassing me here in philippines. Im asking if anyone already arrived in KSA with the same problem?

kindly please share your expeirenc what is the update for your loan and the collecting agency.

i have sent almost 53,000 riyals to my country in one year, but last night i went to Enjaz Saudi Arab and sent 4000 more the total is almost 58,000 SR, which is less than my one year salary. and they said to me your name is on doubt, they taken my iqama photo copy stamped and sent by FAX to UAE, and said to me that your amount will be delivered in next 4 days. i dont know what happend. even next week i am going to vacation i am worried if i face problem on airport regarding this matter. kiindly someone let me know that if any one faced this kind of issue pls.

Anyone can answer my query. I have a sabb credit card before 2013 in Saudi Arabia and paid all before my final exit. But I have not closed the account, is there any problem that will occur because of that?

1. Yeah.

2. There is an application where you can look up pending action on your iqama.

It's from or better yet, google "Absher" and "Saudi Ministry of Interior"

Download "Absher" software and input your iqama no. and passport details.

Bingo. It tells if you have pending action.

Frankly, I would love to stick it to my bank after they forked me so hard.

Thanks, I already have account with Absher. I renew my driving license in the kingdom through this Absher.

Hello.any update on youf re-entry?i know someone with the same situation but she's hesitant because she's afraid of being hold in the immigration upon entry.thank you

If you have unpaid loan and you haven't paid for a year or so chances are you may  already have a travel ban so you can't travel in GCC but sometimes until the bank did not file a case against you then you can still travel. Be careful though because some said that Saudi Embassy will give you visa but the problem will be in the immigration.

Try to have a clearance letter from your old company. they told me, she told me, he told me wont work,

hi, i already settled my credit card here in SHB because i want to take loan from another bank. do u have any idea how long does it take to have a clearance from SAMA? they said i am block listed and need to settle my credit and i already did.thank u.

khaleesie99 :

hi, i already settled my credit card here in SHB because i want to take loan from another bank. do u have any idea how long does it take to have a clearance from SAMA? they said i am block listed and need to settle my credit and i already did.thank u.

If you were blacklisted, you will be white-listed in 30 days. But do note that your credit history score is bad now and most banks won't offer you loans.

Hello! I was working in a northern region from 2006 to 2012 and then I got a job offer from another institution in Riyadh, so I left my old job in March 2012 and came back in May 2012 to KSA.

The thing is I had a balance in my loan in Riyadh bank amounting to less than SR1000 which I did not settle. I was receiving salary from NCB and I used to pay my monthly dues for the loan via online banking (I had a different iqama and passport number which both expired).

I had no problem when I came back and I'm now 4 years in my new employer. I do want to pay and settle my balance in Riyadh bank but I forgot my log-in details with them and the email that I've used has been "played" by my ex so I can't even retrieve username,password, phone banking log-in etc. I tried calling the customer service but it would always give you the programmed voice guide and I also can'tgo to the bank as I work from Sunday-Thursday.

Do you think I will also face the same problem? I now have a different iqama number and new passport number. Appreciate your response.


Log in to your bank's website (online banking) and look for SIMAH registration.

Once registration is complete, log in to
And request (buy) your credit report. This has your entire history of credits/loans etc.

Now, if you can see that credit card in the report, you are blacklisted and it's near to impossible to get white-listed again.

P.S. Typing in capital letters apparently means yelling. Please avoid doing that.

What if you forgot your log-in credentials? I tried to register but it said I already have an account but I could not remember my log-in details with my previous bank.

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