Rugby team in khobar

Hi ppl,

I'm about to join Riyadh warriors rugby team in Dubai 7s this month and I'm the only player from khobar. I tried many times to join khobar quins in Sara village to be on fit to the championship but they didn't bother themselves to reply me I just think because I'm an Arab :)

So me and couple of friends want to start playing this game so we're planning to make a small team in khobar ... we need someone to help us with the rules and technics and we need a good players as well.

Regards, :)

I am happy to get involved. Was a rugby coach and former 1st league player in South Africa. Very unfit and too old to still play. But happy to help with technical issues and coaching

I'm up for some rugby in khobar

hi guys,

Sorry to hear that the Khobar rugby club didn't get back to you. I am sure it was a misunderstanding or miss-communication. I play for the Khobar team, well i did, I broke my ankle playing against Riyadh 2 weeks ago.

Try and contact:

Grant Page: grantpage[at]
Zak Hussain: 0501777437
Also look for the FB page
Leroy: leroy.salih[at] , 0558747884

We have several other Saudi's playing for us so I am sure it has nothing to do with where you are from.

Hope this helps

Hi ierfaan and ksa40,

I appreciate your replies .... I will contact you as soon as we got a good deal to rent a playground.
Please inbox me your contact numbers.

Hi Richard,

Big thanks for your effort and clearing all things out. It's my bad to think that way but I were so desperate I tried many times but no replies. I will try to contact the ppl u sent. And I'll talk to them about me and ierfaan and ksa40 as well.

What I heard the quins don't have a coach at present so I believe ierfaan would help for sure.

Hey Moe

Hope you are ok

Did you get a Rugby club set in Khobar? Any chance i can join; will be relocating to Khobar next month and would love the chance to be part of a possible Rugby team; fascinated by the game since always

Please message me back or email me on aoun_joseph[at]

Joe Aoun

Hi Moe

Seems you are not online on ExpatBlog?

Appreciate an answer pls if you can concernin the below; i'm in Khobar and would like to join your team if you got one set already

I played once for a month back in Lebanon a long time ago with AUB but i never got the chance to keep at it since I had to move to Doha

Thanks alot for your answer
Email: aoun_joseph[at]

Hi guys.
Checking in on the issue if there is a rugby team in Khobar I want to join. I am a prop & also a referee.
Kindly respond. TQVM.

Hello Azreenorrahman :cheers:

You may drop an advert in the Sport partners in Khobar field of the Khobar Classifieds to increase your chances to reach out to other people interested in Rugby around Khobar.


Hi Kenjee.  :cheers:
TQVM for your response. I will drop a word in the classified section.

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