Gay couple: looking for friends in Prague

Hi there

I'm British and my partner is Chinese. We will be moving to Prague at some time in the next year and we're interested in making friends (just friends!) to help us get to know the city a bit better. In exchange, we can treat you to dinner and the odd beer, offer English and Mandarin Chinese classes. We're probably going to be there for a year (not sure exactly when we're gonna arrive just yet) and I'll probably be teaching English (if I can get something lined up!). We're both really into traveling, movies, eating out and the odd drink now and then.

We're not exclusively looking for gay mates, but we'd also like to know a bit about the gay scene.

We're both living in China at the moment so if anyone has questions about Beijing (or is coming here to visit), please just let me know :)

Hope to hear from some of you!

Hey guys,

I am Czech and Ive lived in Prague my whole life so maybe I could help you out when it comes to getting to know the city. I daresay I know the expat scene here in Prague pretty well too. I go to karaoke, open mic and improv nights if youre into that kind of stuff. If not we can always talk about traveling and movies since we seem to share those interests :) Other than that Id really like to have someone to practise my Chinese with.

I know of two gay bars and thats as far as my knowledge of the Prague gay scene goes but I might know people who are better acquainted with it.

Are you in Prague yet? Or do you know when youll be coming here?

If youre at all interested, drop me a message and we can hang out :)


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