Buddhism in Egypt? Possible?

I'm trying to know if some people are able to practice Buddhism in Cairo. The only place I lnow related to Buddhism is the Japanese Garden. Does anyone else know something related to Buddhism? Or practicing? I'm interested myself.

Egypt is not open country for other religions :-)

different religions may practice in small groups.....

do you want to discover or to practice?


i guess you will be arrested for trying to start practicing in public a new religion to Egyptians!

as before there was a new religion and it came up to the media and the group were arrested, so just take care :)

Egypt really only recognises the three true religions of the book - Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
Anything out of these 3 is not accepted - and the practice of any relition outside these 3 here in EGypt would be very difficult

hello i know some Budda people here i will ask them and give you an answer

Hey Thank you for your answers. I know Egypt is not open for buddhism and I'm sure that people are just practicing at home and not in public.  I'm into it since a while and I live in Egypt so I would like to know if people here in Egypt practice it anyway or they just try to avoid it which I doubt.
Thanks Katy, looking forward to hear from you.

I know someone practicing Theraveda Buddhism and a few others into religions other than Christianity/Islam. They are private, but not exactly in hiding. I may be able to connect you with them. You can PM some info and I will pass it along.

Thanks a lot, I've send you a PM

2 Vipassana Meditation camps - to teach the technique, as taught by Shri Goenka - were held in Cairo this year.

Clicking through Dhamma.Org will bring you to a human contact -- lemme me know if you cannot. (Have included the Home page for all interested in learning more.)

As it's said: 'May all beings be happy'

i need a place in Cairo to find inner peace .

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can you help me with that as well please :)


yes it is possible. Let me know if you are in Egypt/ Cairo and still willing to practice. Let us connect on email

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