New to Maputo Mozambique :)

Hello everyone

Anyone that can give me some advice on where I can gym or lady exercise classes? Where to shop etc?

Where we can look for housing, preferable near the Raddison hotel area, small apartment or flat?

Where can I start looking for a job? Teaching or hospitality?

Thank you in advance for you help?

So exited to start the new chapter of my life :)

Hi Lemari,

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Hi - I am not long in Mozambique too. There is a great beach boot camp in front of Southern Sun? If you look on Facebook under Maputo Bootcamp that's prob the best route. I posted on here a similar thing and got little response but being fairly new still, I know how overwhelming and different it can feel so please do get in touch if I can help at all. Emma

Hi Lemari.
Hope you get help. and all the best with your new chapter in life.
At Maritmo, not very far from the Radisson, there is a very good gym.HF


if you have experience in the hospitality industry i may have a position for you please forward your CV to ***

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Actually at the Torres Rani Towers, in the same parking lot as the Radisson. Very nice place.

Dear Lemari,
since it's been some time since you settled up in Maputo. May I ask you about the safety issue in Maputo. I am considering moving to maputo with my 2 kids, 3 and 5 years old and I am very concerned about kidnapping and malaria issues. Could you please advise to your mind is it safe travelling to Maputo with kids of this ages? thanks.

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