Indian spice stores in Jubail

I am from Mumbai, India and will be moving to Jubail early 2014. I checked the net to find if there are stores that stock and sell spices from India and other typical Indian grocery items but could not find any useful information. Can you suggest from your knowledge if there are 'Kerala stores' or stores that sell spices and other grocery items.
Also, are there Indian restaurants that provide home delivery to compounds.


@Mumbai_Indian - I don't think you will find any trouble getting Indian spices supply around Jubail town. I saw quite a few, but they might not have online stores though :cool:

Thankyou Modjo.

You will not have problem finding spices, in fact, they bring spices from India & Pakistan as well, some will be made locally.

Can't help much with the delivery of Indian food to compounds, but you will find other restaurants who deliver to your place.

All the best!!

Thankyou 3dnan. Looks I would not miss the spice...
Thanks again for commenting.

Hi i am newly married and going to shift to dammam, saudi arabia . I would like to know about the availability of indian spices, utensils and groceries.

You should be able to find them at Lulu supermarkets. There are everywhere !

First of all welcome to your second country ...

My grandfather house in Dammam ... And I love Indian food My uncle knows an Indian restaurant more than 20 years in dammam ... So dont be worried all what you need you will find there ... Especially in LuLu market or in old market in the dammam ... If you ask any Indian there im sure he will guide you ...

My best wishes for you and your family...

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There are plentiful markets in Khobar and Dammam, which sell utensils (including Indian brands such as Prestige). Johwra market (near Alissa souk is one such place).

With plentiful south Asian expats in the country, you will face a hurdle finding Indian food and spices across the city. Hypermarkets such as Lulu also sell a large variety and brands of Indian spices.

Hope it is helpful.


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