Squash Court

You can visit Granada Mall at exit 9.

I will suggest you to visit "Salah Ad Din Al Ayyub Road" there are lot of sports shop on that road. 
Open this URL  it wil show you the stretch of the road on which the shops are located.



since its is a very old thread so i am coming up with the same question.

where can i play squash in riyadh, kindly guide to some places as i am new fish here. :)


Go to page#1 and 2 of THIS thread. There is LOT of info in there.


Thanks mate

This is very helpful ...

hi ... are you playing squash somewhere !!!

xeber :

hi ... are you playing squash somewhere !!!

PM me if you wanna play during the weekends or late in the evening !! :)

hi ... you still up with the offer

I am away when finishes vacations will let u know.

Hi all,

I know this is a old replies but I wanted to ask is anyone currently in riyadh need a partner.
I personally dnt mind playing everyday as long as its in the evening.


Hello everyone,
I am a native squash player looking for
1- squash venue for females
2- female squash players

Hi H_sh,

Welcome to :)

Since you posted on an old thread, you may not have much replies.

To optimise your chances of having some answers to your query, why don't you start a new thread with all your questions?

Thank you,


hi ... i don't think there are any squash courts for girls but anyways i play with a friend of mine in a compound which is least rushy and has 4 squash courts
we are consistent for the past 6 months & we both are native players, you are also welcome if you wish to join us

Ramadan is over now and guess its the time to start playing squash again, Anybody intrested to play during weekdays from 5-8 evening hours, do PM me ! Can arrange for the squash courts :)

I'd like to join any group for playing Squash in Riyadh


Are you still interested to play Squash game. My skill set level considered intermediate.

Hello Everybody,

Is there any one wanna partner to play squash game in Riyadh. I can play anytime during weekend or at evening during working days. I'm willing to play every day and anywhere.

Feel free to contact my anytime. My mobile no# xxx

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Thanks Hasnaa. Its weird that i did not get notification about your reply. I will post a new thread like you advised.
Ms. Hend.

pop man :

Hello Everybody,

I can play anytime during weekend or at evening during working days. I'm willing to play every day and anywhere.

Feel free to contact my anytime. My mobile no# 0583545502

Have sent you a PM, if u want to play :)

I'm new to riyadh. Looking for a squash court to get some practice. But I can't find one. I live in Rawdah. If anyone knows a place nearby or any place at all for that matter, please let me know!

PM me if u want to play squash on weekdays around 7pm onwards :) thanks

Hi. I have still not reached Riyadh yet but would like to do a heads up survey of where i can play squash. I am an intermediate tennis player and feel that i can get the hang of squash easily as i took a few classes 3 years ago. I will be working at the STC HQ and would most probably find accomodation nearby so if someone could guide me about the nearest squash courts to my work place.

Hello illuxon,

I would suggest you to post an advert in the section Sport partners in Riyadh about what you are looking for..:)

Thank you

I will highly recommend to register at It is free to register and a great way to meet other squash players in Riyadh.

Assalamu 'alaikum!

If you have a squash court in your compound, i would like to challenge you a game. Are you interested?

lets fix a match during next week

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I am interested in playing squash , anyone knows about any court or are playing somewhere can invite me

Hi Shane or anybody!
Are you still available for squash and also let me know if there is any place to play? I started this thread 5 years ago when I lived in Riyadh but then moved to US. Now on vacations for like a week or so. Need some good game occasionally ! Plead do reply early.

I'm fadhli from malaysia.
I'm new in riyadh.. do you still have want play squash with you?are know where to play it around here?

Im fadhli from malaysia, i'm new here.
Im playing squash but not very good.. can i join you?

I will be working in Riyadh at end of week    Do you know anyone who is available to play.   I plsy club squash

dear, i had left Saudi Arabia since some time.
Back in Canada enjoy your time there try to check some in the compound will be the best choice for you.
thanks and have a good day.

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