Looking for friends in Al Khobar

i am indian 38 yrs old do u like to have fship

yes send me yur whatsapp and ic please

R you in al khobar what's ur age and what y do dear

i am in daamam dear can i see your pic to kno who are u i am 29

Goodboyfilipino :

Hi im Mark filipino and i want to be friend with you! I am living in khobar. I have whatsapp, Line, wechat, facebook, twitter & Instagram.

u can send for me ?

i mean ur facebook , line

Yes it is very dificult

So Sou like to chat

hi can i c ur pic please and do u have whatsapp nice to meet you

and ur pic thank u

good then show me pic and ur whatsapp nice to meet u

show me how u look like picture or whatsapp

Hello everyone,

May i remind you that the forum is not a chat room.

@ nagandef please include the member's username in the post and do not insist on having the picture of members.

If you know a member, you may ask them via private messaging.

All the best,

We are 34 and 27 broadminded indian couple looking for friendship from couples..husband working in MNC for ARAMCO is really boring here.

r u in khobar?
We are couple from india

Hello there san6969,

san6969 :

r u in khobar?
We are couple from india

To whom is your intended to ?

You will have more chances of getting a reply if you include the member's name in your post  ;)


Hi, are you still on alkhobar?

this is samir from india


in khobar  too

Am African living in Al khobar. Can we chat sometime. You can reach me on my whatsapp number ***. I work for Mc Donald's

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I am glad to be u'r freind
I spend 1 year in usa military traning in texas & misuri st ropert
My number is ***

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Hi guys .. Hope all of urdking well iam also looking for friends im 43malefrom pakaitan

Hiii dear how r u i m with u

good luck

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