Top hiring sectors in Oujda


letís talk about job opportunities in Oujda.

What are the top hiring sectors?

And according to you, what are the most promising job sectors, which will keep creating jobs in Oujda?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience,


Is there any job to find in oujda ... ?or can i better create my own job ? 
I speak dutch english un petit peu french,,, arabic en also berber ...

Hi sammoua,

You should probably have a look and try posting an advert in the Oujda jobs section.
It might help.

Armand Team

Hi Jullien

Do you want to invest in projects in oujda?
I thunk oujda needs creativity ;)

sammoua :

Hi Jullien

Do you want to invest in projects in oujda?
I thunk oujda needs creativity ;)

Julien is the founder of He has simply created a discussion, that's all.

there is no jobs in oujda . if you want to work and live in oujda then you have to invest and open a business..if you open a business the chances are : 70% your business will fail within 12 months because there is not much market or money in oujda to feed and grow your business. the rich people here are not successful businessmen -- far from it..the rich people here are the drug dealers and the politicians. the rest live in complete poverty. I do not suggest you to open a business in Oujda without living 1 year and studying very well Oujda potential and future.

Unless you want to open an international company here with business covering whole morocco and beyond then it will be a cheap place in terms of rent and labor. if you plan to invest and grow only within Oujda then better NOT do that very big mistake.
Even the labor force is very well behind the world here. Most of people do not understand Deadlines, Working hard, Pressure or manners.
Here people are very relaxed and will not think twice to leave the job in the middle of your project if you put even the slightest pressure into them because some projects have deadlines..
Cheap labor but ignorant one which means your business is destined to be undermined even by your own workforce.
I been here 1 year and employed tens of people from oujda.
I am appalled at their work mindset. Nice people for a cup of coffee or harrirra but not for work.
Now I have brought all labors from outside morocco and my company is going in the right way.

sorry to be that pessimist...but the truth should be spoken at some stage even it will be a bitter one.

Hello blusky2015,

I would like to contact you in order to share your views and discuss different aspects about job opportunities here in Oujda.
Im a Spanish citizen and come every year to Oujda coz im married to a moroccan.

If interested , dont hesitate to contact me at ***


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Hi capdevilla.
I left oujda and Morocco for good.  Morocco is being governed by corrupted people and is very difficult to make a honest living there.  ****

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