Top hiring sectors in Recife


let’s talk about job opportunities in Recife.

What are the top hiring sectors?

And according to you, what are the most promising job sectors, which will keep creating jobs in Recife?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience,


Hi Julien,

Not only Recife, but the entire State of Pernambuco is booming! There are many job opportunities in many sectors, such as wind energy, solar energy, eletricity, natural gas, water, mineral extraction, human capital, medical hub, information technology (IT) and telecommunication.


Sorry to burst your bubble but that's simply not true. Companies are laying off a lot of people at the moment. Let's not kid ourselves! :-(

hi gringodom

how are you settled so far in recife ?

I was settling very well and we were staying at the in laws but I've had to temporarily return to England to complete a project. I have my return ticket for the 17th of Dec though. Are you still living there? If so, how have you found it?

I have recently came in , it is not such a bad city to live in actually . finding some

confusion about the laws , as I am going  through  the process of marriage . dont know

if I need to translate all documents or just the birth certificate over here .

how did you manage with jobs here , any chance?

Hi, I'm also married to a Brazilian. Do you have a working visa? Yes you will need your documents translated. Where are you from originally?

I haven't  submitted the docs yet to the  cartorio, she has a mistake in her birth certificate. am from Tunisia.

Cool! I've always wanted to visit Tunisia. I hear it's a really nice place! You will soon discover that the bureaucracy in Brazil makes everything very complicated. If you want to open a bank account, you'll need a resident visa.

We've registered our children (who were born in England) and I'm about to register myself (between now and December). I'll let you know how I get on and the easiest way to do it.

Tunisia , is a small place compared to here , but unfortunately , the administration is ruim,  may be not all people employed are skilled or knowlegable enough , at the position they are in , so you stayed living between here and England, Bristol , not so bad location to live in.

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