Top hiring sectors in Kiev


let’s talk about job opportunities in Kiev.

What are the top hiring sectors?

And according to you, what are the most promising job sectors, which will keep creating jobs in Kiev?

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I think one of those job opportunities in Kiev is IT specialist.

It's so needed here in Kiev.

Another job would be interesting for you if you are native English speaker.
Many schools specially privet schools searching for English native speakers.

those from my point of view. although I spend here 6 months

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so im a native english speaker but then im a university student. do you think i will get a job if i apply for part time??

I guess if you,search good, of course you'll find,especially you are native speaker.
There is many guys work in private school with their language.

But my advise for you before work in Ukraine, Kiev is very expensive city, search good in May be other cities of Ukraine, like lviv, cheaper in accommodation and nice city too.

I subscribe to a website titled "International Living".  It is really a very comprehensive website dedicated to ex-pat living all over the world.  You will find many articles and things about living outside of the USA from retiring, to traveling, to working, to investing.  Although much is devoted to Central America it still encompass's living all over the world.  One of the things mentioned quite often is actual experiences of people of which getting paid to teach English without all of the normal degrees and stuff.  Just as you mentioned one way is private schools or even setting up your own little class room.  I would think that people would be willing to pay you for teaching them what you know.  Like anything else it can be better to avoid all the red tape at times.  Yes, there would be many cities to consider.  Odessa, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Poltava, etc.  Yalta and Sevastopol in the summer.  Hope that helps you.

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It seems that your answers are not related to the title of this thread which is Top hiring sectors in Kiev.

Do you have any information about the most promising job sectors in Kiev?

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It's helpful and connected to the topic, from what I see.

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Happy New Year to you as well.  I wish you success in your journey.

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I am living in kiev for the second month now and the faded picture is more clearer , i see alot of job opportunities here the only obstacle is the language , so sooner or later all what you want to do is the metter of how much you want it !!!
peace yall!!

Hello everyone! I think that the best opportunity for a foreigner in Kiev is to work as an English teacher. Also in Kiev there is an opportunity to study for getting CELTA (teaching qualification).

There are lot of vacancies in Kiev. Among them IT sector (game creation), finance and audit sector, pharma industries as well as FMCG…

Is there much in the way of expat project management opportunities in Ukraine?

Dear Nata;
thanks for the info on pharma & fmcg jobs opportunities,but what is the site where one can look for these jobs?
kindly mail me at: kp22k[at]

Dear  Nata;

I have not yet received your mail about fmcg & pharma jobs.
Can you please mail me urgently.

Hi Hasnaa!
Sorry for my late rey.  Are you interested in working in Ukraine?  Or are you now living and working in Ukraine and want to better yourself?  Do you speak and understand Ukraine or Russian?  There is a great deal of employment opportunities all over if you are bilingual.  The new government needs lots of help in improving business and commerce between the rest of the world.  To help the government promote more business and enterprise for the people of Ukraine.

Optical fiber tachnician
I am interested in optical fiber job in Ukraine
Thank you

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