November- Looking for Female ROOM/ROOMMATES-EXPATS urgent

Age: 24+
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Preferred Areas: Bukit Bintang, Imbi, Raja Chulan, Titiwangsa (The apartment must have LRT/MONORAIL withing short walking distance)
BUDGET: Depends on the facilities & the area (we should discuss & advice when we talk)

May I suggest a slightly different approach to your housing needs.  Reading what you have written will probably not inspire anyone - let alone any females - to contact you. Sounds like you want the women as household slaves. I am sure once you get to where you are going to be a student you will be able to sort out some accommodation with others who want to live in the same vicinities.

LoL! Thank you so much for the advice & maybe you are right. Though I am not looking for household slaves but friendly and open minded room mates to share an apartment with. However, If you could help me out by writing a different type of approach (a draft) which would inspire some people to move in. It will be a great help to me and I will post it immediately.
You are right that I can always try to get what I need when I am there but I was just thinking why not try it over the net for my convenience.


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