Moving to Nairobi

Hi, I'm Fran from Madrid, Spain.
i'm moving to Nairobi to do my practical work and Master Thesis the first week of november and I'll stay there for at least six months.
I am looking for a room in a flatshare and I would also be interested in meeting people who can advice about the living in Nairobi.
Please get back to me if you think you have something of interest, or can refer me to someone!

Hi Fran,

I suggest you post an advert in the Flat share in Nairobi section please :)

Thank you

Maximilien Team

fguerrerog i have a house share available in westlands if your interested and its very economical its 40k and you will be living with other expats, germans amerciacan and also kenyans :) email me on samuelmwalyo[at]

Hi Maximilien I have already posted an advertice in the Flat share in Nairobi section, Thank you very much.
SamuelMusau, Thank you for your response, but the maximum price I can afford is 30.000 and with all charges included.
People interested, please check the add … lands.html and write me.

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