Mums with young kids around Mohammedia Let us get in touch !!!

Hi everyone

I've been an expat for seven years,   now am living in Mohammedia and interested of sharing experience with other expats.  I'm a mum of a wonderful girl of 17 months old and would love to share experience with other mums. Let us get in touch :)


Hi there Loubina!  Join our 'English Speaking Women of Mohammedia' group on Facebook.  I myself am in Mohammedia, and have a two and a half year old and a 9 month old.  Would love to have a play date with you!!  Hugs Christina Georghiou

thanks for the invitation I will definitely join you on fb :)

Hello, does this group still exist, I know it has been a few years. I cant find it on FB.

My family and I are living in Mohammedia, and it would be great to connect with other English speaking families.

Kiwiscole, did you get any chance on finding the group on Facebook, I am interested too...

Hi loubna, where are you from?
We live in Mohammedia too, and have been living in Morocco for about 2 years.
We are a family of 6, we have 2 girls and 2 boys, and are from Australia. (and New Zealand originally)

Hi Kiwiscole,
We don't live in Moroco but we will be there for summer, how old are your kids? I have two girls 7 & 9. We are Americans but origin Morocco...

Hi, sadly no, it seems the facebook group is gone.

I can pass your details onto my wife. Are you Muslim?
Our kids are bit older, ranging fro 11 to 17, but thats ok,

Hi Kiwiscole,
I just sent you a PM, feel free to have your wife contact me.
Thank you

Hi, my wife doesn't have an account on here, but she's happy to connect with you.



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