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international friends,do you want to learn mandarin in shanghai?I am mei,and now have a lot of students from shanghai jiao da university,i have 3 years teaching experiences when i was in university(i pass the CET6,and had got the first prize in the national english competition,and i watched tens of thousands of american movies,so i think my oral english sounds good),and later found i love this job so much,i love talking with my students as friends,and we always have so many interesting stuff to talk about through which they get their oral chinese improved and know a lot about chinese culture ,history ,customs.
So,don't hesitate,just hit me up! [Moderated: avoid posting personal details for safety reasons pls]

Hi nikita.zhang,

Welcome to :)

I suggest your post an advert in the Language classes in Shanghai section please :)

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Hi Nikita,

think you might able to help. I'm looking for Chinese business partner to help sales, distribution and paper work for goods that I plan to export to China. Your are in Shanghai, can you help checking whether you have any friends or family that are interested.

Many thanks
Siet Yin

what kind of business are you doing?I have several friends doing international trade,like blanket,towel ,bottle.

I'm in trading business, looking to export food to China. I need a business partner in China to help taking care of sales and distribution as well as paper work related to food export to China.

Sorry,i don't have friends doing food business

Hi sietyin,

Please post your advert in the Business partners classifieds in Shanghai section this might help. Thank you! :)



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Hi are you still up for teaching mandarin? I'm looking for mandarin tutor. pls. message me. thanks.


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