Best bank and best interest rate on saving accounts in Ghana?

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What are the best banks with the best interest rates on saving accounts, let me know?

I'm not sure about the interest, but Barclays and Stanbic are the only two banks I would save my money in.
UBA & GT are not bad too, but I wouldn't save there.

Barclays  rates are crap, UBA offers 4%, UT offers up  to 15.5%

I thought Barclays offer 17 % if you save about 7000 Euro (don´t remember the amount in Cedis right now). Have they stopped doing that?
We also keep our money at Stanbic and Barclays for safety reasons.

I  hear  Zenith  gives 25% on fixed deposit  account

25% sounds very tempting but... Nims: Do you know how much money you need on the fixed deposit account to get that´?

UT bank give 12-15.5%  see link … 35513d2a79


There are a variety of banks in Ghana but as to the best it depends on your experience. We use Ecobank, Barclays and Standard Chartered. In terms of service I personally find Standard Chartered the best. I get notifications on movements in my accounts and can use online banking.
As to interest rates you get very little on foreign currency accounts and generally have to pay fees to keep the money in the account except in Ecobank.
For cedi deposits I get 6% on my fixed deposit accounts but the best interest is on Treasury Bills -22%+on my 90 day bills

can non resident foreigners (no business visa, no work permit , just tourist visa) open bank accounts and invest in fixed deposits in Ghana ?

I don't think so. You usually need a residents permit and you may also need a non-citizen identity card but saying that I didn't actually have my residents permit when I opened my account but I was vouched for by my Ghanaian husband and was depositing quite a large amount of money. Be aware though that there are fees for that - they took about US$ 500 on a transfer of funds from Ecobank to Standard Chartered until I told them that I would close the account unless they repaid it - which they did!

I think that Zenith Bank is one of the best bank and best interest rate on saving accounts in Ghana and specially in Africa.We also have Ecobank and  Barclays...

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i want to know the banks that gives high interest rate on fixed investment.

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Have you take the time to go through this topic from the start? It contains some useful informations that might surely help.



Also the person who asked the question lives in Accra so it is easy to visit the banks and ask for their rates which are variable anyway and depend on how much you are investing and for how long

ok I have learn something. i never new TBill gives more interest down Fixed Depost.


Best investment in Gh now is FIRSTBANC ( First Fund)

Question, what is the  present rate Barclay's offers

Why not look at Barclays Ghana website and find out?

Hello People, I am a New Zealander. I have a Ghanian friend here in New Zealand. I am wondering if I can invest in GHANIAN fixed deposit via him and earn 25% interest. I guess foreign currency deposit yields very low, I want to lend him ,,lets say 10K USD and he will then convert to ghanian currency & invest. On maturity he will convert it bak to dollars and give it to me. How realistic is that.

Pls comment & answer my question !

You won't get 25% at the moment. Interest rates have fallen.
Also you have to take into account fluctuations in dollar rates. If you invest the equivalent of US $10000 in treasury bills the Ghanaian equivalent would be 43825 cedis. At the end of the year you might get 10000 cedis but to change them back to dollars the exchange rate may have change to say 5.00 cedis to the dollar so you may get 10 600+ but then you have the cost of transferring the money in and out so you will be lucky if you end up with a couple of hundred dollars. Also you have to trust the person in Ghana!

I would say Barclays Bank Ghana is the best so far.

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