Motorbike tune up for secondhand bike

I just bought a Yamaha Nouvo, second hand from a vietnamise man. Looks like a well looked after bike. Though it has a few minor issues and needs an all round checkup. I live in District 3, can anyone please recommend a good garage (where they speak English) where I can have this done?

I'm planning on going today as my bike has been cutting out.

Also ballpark price for checkup and tweak ups please?

Many thanks.


Almost every street has Yamaha service center. Just go nearby your area and possibly they can speak English or just bring one Vietnamese friend for help or go to the service center and call your Vietnamese friend to explain what you need to fix. Then your friend can explain in Vietnamese.Instruct your friend to ask them how much is the service fee before they start work. :D

And if you don't yet have a Vietnamese friend, you need to find one - quickly. My wife and I would have a much more difficult life in VN if not for our Vietnamese friends. :)

Yeah, that's right!
If you do not have a Vietnamese friend or acquaintance just pm me, then I shall introduce some energetic translators :D

Great, thanks guys. I have taken note of a few translations off google translate, the rest I can mime, see how I go.


Okay, good luck!

I had the same issue.

Bought a nice looking, used bike off from a local shop through the help of a Vietnamese friend. She's not a bike person so she couldn't tell what was wrong with the bike.

First few days of riding the bike and I decided to send the bike in  to the Yahama service centre. When the bill came, it was about 20% of the purchase price. But still I'm glad I sent it, because the timing belt was almost broken, some non-original gears and the rear(drum) brakes were replaced, engine oil changed etc.

It feels much safer riding the bike now then before though I've a major complaint - I can't go more than 60km/h on a straight road and the bike feels underpowered especially when going up those steep carpark slopes. Feels like I might roll down the slope anytime.

It should probably be cheaper if you send to a local mechanic but the risk of getting "un-genuine parts" for the price of genuine parts is there and may do more harm than good in the long run.


Thank you everyone for your input, I left it at a local mechanics that advertised Yamaha so I gave it a whirl. It cost about 450vmd all up, not too expensive, gave it''s insides a good clean and fixed it's little problems like bulbs, indicators, breaks and some random thing inside which I have no idea what ti was. Seems to be running fine with much better breaks so all good. (though I may go for another maintenance in a few months just to double check)

Thanks a lot :-)


Claire, get the oil changed every 1000km and gearbox every 5000km
Oil change is about 100k a bit more for gearbox.
Belt should be done at 50km and normally a few bearings at the same time, costs anything from 500k - 1mill vnd depending where you take it.

The big Yamaha center on 38 Truong Quoc Dung (x Nguyen Van Troi) has an English-speaking mechanic.

Don't know why you'd think the Nouvo is underpowered. I've got an MK3 and have no issues with top speed... goes up to a hundred and feels like it still has some reserve left.

ssuprnova - no idea, I would think something is wrong somewhere with the bike. I checked it at a local mechanic (AFTER the servicing at the Yahama service center)and the mechanic said it's normal that the Nouvo 3 max speed is around 60km/h.

Could be I'm heavy (90kg) but I could get a RXZ125 up to 110km/h easily back in Singapore so I think it's the bike problem. I might send the bike for another servicing @ 38 Truong Quoc Dung then, thanks!

Its an angient post but here is my 5 cents.
Ive tried about 25-30 nouvos, mostly 115cc and few 135cc. Most of the 115cc ones are for some reason underpowered and cant do over 60-70 + rslly slow acceleration and crappy idle (some keep stalling)... Poorly maintained probably. And then some are good, with decent acceleration and top speed.
My Nouvo does 100km/h with ease, havent had need to try top speed. But I'm only about 80kg... If thats a difference.

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