Anybody moving to Canada from Singapore here???

Hello everyone! Chanced upon this thread and was really surprised that there are so many people wanting to move to canada. Usually australia seems to be a more popular choice!

Short intro to myself, applied through provincial nomination program in Nov 2009, was nominated by Calgary and given the golden sticker in Aug 2011. Applied to our local embassy in Nov 2011, was given AOR and now still waiting for medical request. Will be guessing that i need to wait for another 1 year plus before i can set foot in canada. Singapore visa office is slower as compared to the offices  in the region. estimated time is 17 months... did not pay anything when i applied through the province but now paid CAD 1100 for both my wife and I . (it's std CAD 550 per pax)

anyone saw someone asked about post secondary. i could answer to that. canada do not regards Junior college as part of post secondary. tried to applied earlier in 2007 but was rejected because i did not fulfill the education requirement (that time, i was in my 3rd year in NTU), so application rejected. I had to reapply again in Aug 2009 and was rejected again.... Sui lag...they updated their application forms.

Anyway forms filling are the most tedious. have to scrutinize and do everything correctly. personally, i have never handled applications tougher than applying for canada.

Did my notarization through one of the law firms in chinatown. Oh yah. if you are not from any of the 3 local unis, u might need to do iELTs if i am not wrong.

KeyOfHeart>> i am applying without a job in canada. have applied through their family scheme
Amt to declare is CAD10000 for main applicant, CAD 2500 for every accompany member

Betterlife1884>>Alberta has a nomination program suitable for you to join your relative but they have closed down this program in Aug 2010. The immigration agency will still need you to produce the documents. Yes, it is a hassle to fill in the forms but it should be much of a different engaging an agency.

anyone here waiting for medicals from Singapore visa office?

Hi All,

I stumble upon this website while googling for "moving to canada" and i feel this thread has helped me alot.

I am graduate from a University from UK living in Singapore and I am a Singaporean. I have over 15 years of working experience. Married with no Kids. However, my husband only posses an "A" level. What are my likely chances of getting a PR in Canada? I believe the process take 5 years now.

I saw the reply from Kaisin, that one need to have a minimum savings of CAD10,000 for the main applicant and CAD2,500 for every accompanying member. Does this base on the savings you have or inclusive of the property you have in Singapore? What if I got a job there before moving on to Canada?  I have set my heart on in Calgary, Alberta. I know there are a couple of agencies that do provide that services.

For the experienced ones, it is better to make the application on your own or using an agency?

Thank you in advance everyone :D

One Love

for the funds, they need to be in accessible cash in a financial institution recognized by canada. so it cannot be in fixed deposits or house or investments....they must be in ready cash and you would need to produce a reference letter from the bank to do so.

am not sure if you can apply for the provincial nomination program in alberta, if so, this should be a faster way to get PR but still very slow lah.
if you are certain that both of you would like to make the big move, better faster apply. longer you wait, longer it takes to process. =)

it will be unlikely that u get a job without a PR in canada , even with PR, it's hard to get a job as most job requires u to be regulated and with canadian experience =)

hope the answer helps

Hi Kaisin,

Thank you for your reply. Noted on the funds, however, if u have a job offer you still need that kind of amount as a guarantee?? Will continue on our saving bank...hahaha! Looks like no more shopping for the next 3 years?

What is provincial program? yes yes looking forward to apply now. Btw what would you advise, to do the application on our own or get an agency. All the form are accessible on the link that you sent me right?

Thanks Again


Hi Nyla

Even if you have a job offer, you will still need to show the amount.

Every province has their own immigration program. I went through an agency but it is about the same as my singaporean friend whom applied on his own. I got mine in 3 yrs and no interview. My immigration lawyer is from Montreal, QC, Canada ( My friend got his in 4 yrs and they went through a simple interview.

I live in Mississauga, Ontario. All the forms are accessible. Make sure you follow the instruction if you are applying on your own.

Good luck.


provincial nomination is like a fast track(but its nth like australia, australia processes PR super quickly), i'm not sure if you apply direct to federal office, u need the sum of money. but basically for my application, they would want to see this sum of money so that they know that i will not be leeching on their welfare system haha.

the forms are pretty tedious but it is possible to do it by your own self and not through agency. it's a bit troublesome as you will need to notarize every single copied document. but it can be done =) using the agency doesn't mean that the application will be processed quicker.

anyway apart from the guarantee some, you do have to pay application fees. You can check the fees here

cheers and have fun!
next time we can meet in calgary!

There is a reason for the sum of money. You will definitely need it when you first settle down. It is not that simple to get money from the province lest you have been working for a year and you are out of job, then you can apply for provincial help.

Yes, applying through the agency is about the same time as applying on your own. There is no much difference in the timing. I hate filling up forms and I was unsure then years back, that is why I depend on my immigration lawyer.

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I could fill in the form but I do not to waste time or risk my chances of getting my PR by filling in the wrong information. Could you share with immigration lawyer with me.

Thank you in advance

Hi Nyla

I use the Immigration Lawyer from Montreal, QC, Canada


I use email to communicate with the Immigration Lawyer.

Head Office & Mailing Address
Campbell Cohen Law Firm
1980 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 800
Montreal, QC, Canada
H3H 1E8

Take note that all processing is still done via the Canadian High Commission in Singapore.

If you want, you can find a local agent. I didnt really trust those local agent in Singapore as some of them are asking a lot of money.

That is why most people apply on their own. I can be reached at gabrielchang[at] if you want to discuss the entire process.


Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for your sharing the immigration lawyers detail.

I will add you on MSN and we may discuss further.

Thank you for your reply speak to you soon.


Hi everybody,

Local guy, 30 yrs old. Visited BC twice and left my heart there. Wanting to make to BC my home, i do have relatives living there for almost 10 years but offer little help in guidance and advise. I just completed my part-time diploma with a local poly and currently working as a technician for DuPont Singapore, i would love to know more on how and where to start, Honestly, the end of the day, i want to have a job, find my soul-mate there and have a home. Period!

These are some ideas i am contemplating..
1 - Should i take a degree program or a trade certificate with a trade school hoping that it can land me a job? (auto-mechanic, plumber and etc..)

2 - Should i invest in a property

I don't expect to live in luxury there, but i am prepared to take this chance, i would very much appreciate if anyone can advise  me. Thank you for reading.

nasi lemak>> u might want to check out … vl=LeftNav

but u do need to check if your relatives are willing to sponsor u over.

Hi kaisin,

thanks for the links..!

Hi all, we are planning to move to Canada and have just started filling up the forms. Can someone please advise if the english proficiency test is compulsary for professionals also . If yes then how difficult is it and roughly how much time is needed to prepare.Also would like to know how much time it takes for the PR approval after submitting the forms . The canadian visa website mentions thet they will start reviewing the new applications in early 2013 as they have to clear the backlog.

Kavsag>> processing time as follows: … /index.asp

the earlier u apply, the better it is =) have fun filling up the forms....they are pretty tedious! =)

I'm a Malaysian Indian, age 41, holding a Permenant Resident status in Singapore and staying with family in Singapore, would like to migrate to Canada, especially Montreal. I have wide 19 years of experience in Water treatment, facilities Operation and ACMV. I would like to enroll for a water treatment course and get certification and contribute myself to the society where I belong in enhancing and providing a clean drinking water using my expertise. Please do share your knowledge and I'm ready to help you if you need a guide incase you want to visit Singapore as an exchange and sharing of knowledge. Kindly advice and contact me for any suggestions. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Best Regards,
Kalidas Suppiah
email twan_das[at]


If your chinese, it should be fine to meet with many friends. The dominating Asian population in Vancouver is Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong people. Learn to integrate into their culture.

Koreans and Japanese are not as substantial in population.

Good Luck

Hi im Elaine.. Im working in malaysia as a service desk in an it company.. I have a colleague who applied a work in canada and she was ask to go to singapore canadian embassy for the visa stamping.. I also would like to apply a job in canada is there any suggestions where i can i apply in singapore agencies? Im in singapore right now for a week for a vacation and job hunting as well.. Anyone could help me to legitimate agencies hiring for canada jobs here in singapore?

Thank You

Alguien de Mexico que me pueda decir como es la mejor manera de viajar a vancuver con el proposito de trabajar

yo quiero ir a vancuver.

Hello hugo75 -> Can you please write in english on this English speaking forum? Here is the Hispanic forum. ;)

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Hi ladylynn are you already in Canada? Im in singapore please tell me what agency here did you apply going to canada thanks.

Hello Lorelyn -> Do not hesitate to start a new thread on the Vancouver forum with your question. ;)

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hai I have experience in it field

Hi, I'm applying for PR online by myself. anyone did that on their own? or is this not recommended? Anyway, for 2013, when will canadian immigration open their applications for PR back? I see their website and it seemed that they're yet to open for apps this year. Please help.

It seems in any immigration forum-all seemed to recommend to go on hols at your chosen country and try find a job before moving- is this the best way n only way? I'm in chicken and egg situation here- without a job, cant apply for PR-slighghtly less by 1 or 2 points to qualify for minimum.Any help?

Does anyone know of Hamilton area? Which areas are good neighbourhoods?

bye. thanks

melburn>> i'm doing that now, applying by myself. where did u see that they stop applications?

I would like to apply for Canda PR ?How do I apply it?What documents and how much financial status  do I need it ?Now I am holding Singapore PR and I've got B.Sc (Computer Sci Eng)(Hons)(Nottingham Trent Uni )(UK) and B.A(English).I dont have so much experience job.only 2years IT field.Pls advise me.I am single.

Hi kaisin : On CIC website, when we tried to apply for PR form. Also theres news update on PR applications and backlog of applications like 4/10 years back? They said that they have already managed to overcome the backlog but no news when new apps will be accepted. Also we called immigration agents  in KL and asked them about this, they also dont know when new apps will be accepted.

Sselva: since u have experience in this, please provide info- would appreciate very much coz i believe theres an audience here!

I dont know how to apply PR in Canda.That's why i want to know it?In that way now Canda Immigration agents in KL didnt accept new apps when they will accept it>

Julia32: Its not the canadian immigration agent in KL that does not accept new apps, its the canadian immigration itself i.e. Canada the country,you can go to the website yourself and check out the information. CIC have been saying since  december 2012 that they will process new apps in early 2013, but until now its not yet opened for new apps, maybe in may 2013. You have to go to  their website and check every now and then.

Anybody else can help?

might be easier if u check out the nomination programmes from various provinces....but if u are applying to Singapore visa office, get ready for a very very long wait. by the way  i heard that the visa office in KL is closed and shifted to singapore


If you are in Singapore, apply thru' the Canada High Comm in Singapore.

I am also a graduate from Nottingham U.


Hi friends im new here, im working in singapore and planning to transfer to canada, any body knows agency here in singapore that help apply work to canada?..thanks..

Hi I am working in Singapore around 6 years. I have study in singapore Diploma in Computerized Accounting. And still study ACCA.
Are there have any opportunity to work in Canada in Admin / Account  field.

Hi i am Francisca Pertez.I am 33 yeras old and a mother of four.I worked here in singapore since 2007 to 2012.I am a caregiver here in singapore.I wanted to go in canada to look for a better job.I wish and i hope i can go in canada as soon as possible

Hi Francisca Pertez,

welcome to!

This is an old thread. I invite you to post an ad in the jobs in Singapore section.

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Hi there,
Good day everyone! I am living in Singapore and a Singaporean by birth but have lived part of my life overseas.

Like Lynn, I am keen in migrating from Singapore to Canada in the near future and would like to engage an agent if possible.

Does anyone know of any local Singaporean agent managing Canada immigration? Viewing through the blog (correct me if I am wrong) only AIMS is in Singapore.

Could anyone help to share more agent names?

Many thanks in advance

Cheers! :)

Hello PeanutsSnoopyCharlie and welcome to!

As Christine said above, this thread is old.
I suggest you to start a new thread on the Vancouver forum for more visibility. :)

Thank you,

Just submit your application directly to Canadian high comm. we took abt 9months from application to approval. Go to its website n find out if you qualify.
Good luck!

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