Car upholstery cleaning?

My car interior is a bit....gross, so I am looking for an good interior cleaning service that someone can personally recommend. I don't care about the exterior cleaning at all. Obviously I don't particularly care about interior either, but my wife will freak out if she sees it.

Need a good interior scrubbing, no fancy stuff like waxing and what not. If it is south of Salmya that would be a jackpot, but I am willing to head to Shuwaikh if there is no other choice.

Thanks! ;)

There is one near city centre,Shuwaikh.They do a fine job in upholstery cleaning.Saturdays mornings are best if you go before 10 am.

I know which one you mean, thanks! :) Just edited my previous message...

lol; i just went to get my car fully cleaned :P almost at the same place, but not the one beside city center, the one behind it. dabbous (beside) are overly expensive and take too long, queues and all, so its best to go where traffic is minimal.

for interior specific cleaning, where people would really take care of it, u can also pop by the Oula petrol station on the 4th ring road heading towards salmiya, i think its in a place called ... well its opposite adailiya... Qortuba! thats it :D big sign, u cant miss it!

I actually set my alarm clock at 8 AM on Saturday to start early, went to Al Dabbous and the guy told me it will take around 3-4 hours to complete it. Considering the state it was in, I guess that was to be expected, but still I was a bit surprised as in Europe it would rarely take them more than an hour. This is actually a plus for Kuwait as it seems people take the car washing thing very seriously here. :)
At the end I ended up in another place on 4th ring road, so I was at least able to walk to the Friday market until the car is done. :-D
A bit pricey, but I guess it was worth it as the results were great and I don't expect to do it anytime soon.

ah well, so long as you got what you wanted in the end, whats a few extra KD spent here or there? its a once-every-few-months expense :)

Once every few years in my case. :)

Hello there,

Was looking for a place to clean my car. I didn't get what is the place you guys are talking abt. Where is it ?

Two of the well known ones are:

But they charge 20 kwd and up and are way to thorough in their cleaning for what I would call "normal". :)

I am using the manual car wash on the local gas Oula gas station, they power wash the exterior and vacuum the interior for 3 KWD and I couldn't be happier.

Yeah i meant taking all those dirty spots from the car interior...Ill check them thanks

For initial cleaning take it to one of these places. Some of them will even completely strip the upholstery from the cabin for a detailed cleaning.

Ribosom :

strip the upholstery from the cabin for a detailed cleaning.

Yeap thats what i need! Both provide this service right?

I believe so, but you may want to check this place too, I have seen they regularly take the seats out of the cars to clean the interior. They are not so fancy looking so you may save a couple of $$$.

Not sure this is the exact place, but it is on this corner, you can't miss it.

Good thank you:)

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