people are rude?

i agree with most of replies here, there are good and bad people everywhere.
and you cannot judge by one incident or generalized people by that only.
i have never been to turkey but i have met few turkish in jakarta, and so far no complaints to their behavior nor character from me. i will be visiting turkey next month, and after reading this thread, i'm very excited but at the same time hoping that i'm not gonna experience those bad things :D

Ichaa I sincerely hope you don't have the bad experiences the rest of us have, but more than likely you will. Please be careful with your personal safety here and be aware that the culture difference is very real. I too when I lived in London had experience with Turkish shopkeepers, etc. and they were very nice. Then I came here. My Turkish friends warned me and I laughed, said it can't be that bad. Well it was.

As a woman visiting Turkey, in a city of 14 million, you will get drastically different treatment to that of the few expat Turks you met back in Jakarta. Be aware that not everyone who is friendly or wants to be your 'friend' here has good intentions. I have maybe 2 or 3 guys here I trust, and Turkish people are very hospitable in general.

Ayşa :

Hi :) waw so there r people who think the same !!! Anyway i have been in Istanbul since April 13 this year ! Not that much time to know people in a new country that fast ... But i kind of sensed few things that r really not so kind .. Lets say .. And i agree that many of them are cold ! Also am not just judging am just gonna tell u few things happened and u can see !!
Well in the bus for example !! U know that nowadays men sit and women stand ! Which is really weird but am a girl ! And i know its old fashion but even when old guy enters the bus .. GIRLS leave their seats and guys r just sitting !

Then we have this walking in the bus ! When am struggling to find something to hold so i wont fall ! A women or a man wanna go near the door and force u to leave the thing ur holding and will never think for once that u will fall if u do so o.O

Ok leave the bus now !! The other day i was walking with my sis ! On the pavement and there was a really narrow street on the side and actually its open for ppl to walk ! It is the kind of street that u can walk in cuz its in between houses ! So suddenly i hear some  one from behind saying something ! It was a man wants us to step aside cuz he wanna pass us !!!!! I mean HELLO the whole street was not enough for him to walk in !!!?
And this thing .... In super markets or anywhere no one will even wait for few secs !! Behind u ! Even if ur chocking lets say !!! They would at once say :PARDON ! So that u die or something anywhere else !
Am not listing those things that maybe look silly just to make fun ! Let me also say there r sooo many ppl that r so welcoming and so kind also ! And u can make friends also ! So am just mentioning the bad things i always notice all the time and not for few times !!

Ugh, I hate people, especially strangers, touching or shoving me. It's so bad I try to avoid crowded areas - which is everywhere in the city. And when I was moving my two large suitcases off of a ferry, going very slowly of course since I'm very petite - I almost fell over because all of the big strong men were literally trying to jump over me. Not a single one offered to help me get my bags off the boat. In the end it was a woman who was immaculately dressed that helped me. She also wanted to wait with me until my ride showed up. :) Small acts of kindness.

It also really annoys me the bus thing lol. But I have seen some guys get up for a woman, especially if she has a child. The funny thing is my Turkish friend said he went to London and when he got up to give a woman his seat there, she got angry! Haha.

They have no concept of queues or lines here :D It is whoever has the best elbows will get served first in the supermarket or wherever else. The best was when I was waiting to check out and an old man came and put his groceries in front of mine. If he had asked, I would have let him!

I come from New York City so rudeness is not surprising to me. But I think when you live in a big city it can make things go so much smoother when you are polite.

Ah thanx god !! Ur words made me really feel good :v i dont wanna judge people according to one or 2 accidents either !! But cuz i saw it so much !! I think here in Istanbul ! If u wanna feel safe and comfortable u have to buy a car !! I know it will cost u but !! U will earn ur good bing :v
And oh wanna ask u since ur from europ :) i think i might visit Irland ! So is it really true that they r so kind ?? Well sorry to ask but am a dentist and might go there for a bit ! Actually i wanna know which country is known for its polite people ;)
Thaaaanx also for ur words :)

I am rude and i am proud of it. The thing you should understand, as long as you generalize people, over one nation or race etc. you are still one of them, those we call rude.

However, you dont need to be kind anyone. Its a matter of choice. I only be kind to ones who i respect, or love.

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Then I will NOT be kind to you if I ever see you in the street. In fact, I am going to be damn nasty to you. See you soon.

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I just came back from Istanbul and Cappadocia this week and I'm sooo glad that during my short trip I didn't meet any rude people there but the opposite. People are very helpful and nice. Thanks Turkey!!!

it is true but it iis responsible not only turkish men but also turkish women .it is  pretty hard allegegation . turkish man is hungy of sexual turkish culture  has  taboo sex subjects so some of  girl behave  freely but most of them just live  thier sexualty  secretly or non any activity  until die  before  marrige .well the  condition turkish male  behave  abnormal . ı hate traits and pressed  rules in communty because it make sick  all of community  .who live  pretty in the condition  it  coult be defining ı guess class teary  work here and  upper or some of middle class person live  pretty  cute  and enjoy  life .
thanks for tell about  a culturel problem

They are very rude and disrespectful to asain..
And most of people .. lets say  almost everyone can not speak English at all!!!! Even very simple words like .. one two three four
When you go to the mall , you will be surpirsed by fitting rooms... they just throw away and put their foundation on a new clothes.
There is no line . People just dont wait and ignore a line.
They got mad if you can not understand turkish.
They keep talking turkish of course they know you dont know that.
They dont try to understand you.
Only get mad to you because you dont know their language....
One day I parked my car in the parking lot , someone just hit my car and run.
They got mad very easily..
So many stories... 
Im here because my husband's work.
If you have to come here, okay but  if you dont have to  please dont come
Very lonely here especially for Asians

I know some  people are kind.

I have met people here a lot

But most people are very rude.

It is real 

Today I went to the starbucks, I had only 100 LILA .

The starbucks working girl was yelling at me and talking to other guys about me in turkish.

I feel lonely and sad in here.

I read all replies.. and some people are ..

You know

yes you said it well


Hi, I have a problem with women being rude to me, especially in the street or in shops etc, mostly strangers to me.  They push and shove and invade my personal space. Twice now, in the pazar, a young woman has tried to make me move by ramming her child's  pushchair into my ankles repeatedly until I cried out and jumped out of the way. I'm quite sure that families don't bother to teach manners to the girls of the family. They teach them to fetch and carry and grow up into a life of servitude. No wonder they are miserable and rude. Most of the men that I've had contact with have been respectful and polite. I'm starting to miss England😯

may be some of them are rude but not every one

If we seperate muslims,relıgıons,chrıstıans etc.Thıs ıssue can be go pessimistic way a lot.In Turkey Muslıms never destroy chrıstıans life also respect churches in İstanbul or other cities,respect and protect their cultural values.By this way,Christians can adapt very easily and freely pray churches feel as their hometown.I need to underline in here,religion and terrorism is very different cases eachother..For my idea,Life is sometimes too hard sometımes easy ,politicial applications and decisions maın purpose is in here upgrade people's life everyday.If you focus your ındıvıdual life ,socializing easily and earn from a job ,turkey has wonderful areas for discover .I only dont agree with some foreigners they just fly direct to İstanbul and search job wıthout any job bases İt is not related with Turkey condıtıons IF a foreigner cant keep a economical high standard compare his/her coutry,,they start to blame turkish people's attitudes.They loose concentration to get used to new culture by  and be depressive start to criticize people like that,muslims like that....I only advice foreıgners ın here If your target ıs fınd a job ın ıstanbul .Fırst search details :what kind of job is available for you whıch is matching your skills ...Perhaps you have mba ,hıgh degree unıversıty etc from your country but people can suggest you work as  a waitress ,babykeepeer etc.The reason is Turkish language.So,for adventure that type of jobs can be preferable.

In Turkey people arent rude, if u want someone help you, they never answer you no i cant help you, but problem is about conditions of living, If u visit here u will feel like your home. But dont forget to go to Cappadocia, Istanbul, Ephesus and Antalya.

That's funny. This week at work I asked a fellow teacher for help with something urgent and, word for word she said "No, I will not help you". This was in front of the whole staff room.  Later, I gave her a piece of my mind.  She went to my boss to complain about me.  Next day, my boss made her apologize to me.  So, you see, she didn't say "I can't help you", she said "I won't help you".  That's much worse.

she is exception as a turkish, turkish people always help who need help. Maybe she isnt  native turkish :) I wanna ask u that can u compare that with your country, becouse if u are muslim our religion says that if your neighbour is hungry u must help them.. i think every religion teach us to be good person. i respact all religion and nations. many turkish thinks like my opinion, believe me and nit afraod to travel or live in Turkey.

I have experienced similar situations while dealing with my associates in Turkey.You'll have to be more tolerant, patient with a smile on your face..

With respect, until you've walked in a woman's shoes here in Turkey, you can't know.  Especially in an uncosmopolitan city.  In the home they are polite and say all the correct polite words.  Outside, in the street or in shops they push and shove and if you are a yabanci, they will purposely try to bump into you or stamp on your foot.  Life is hard for many women here. I understand that. But if they pick a fight with me, they may get an unpleasant surprise because I can stand up for myself.

Trumunro nice to meet you
Where have you borned?

I will stay in Istanbul for 3 months and maybe you can help me with something
I am fyom Brasil

Hi Izabelita. I was born in Oxford, England.  I have been living in Adana for just over a year now.

I am from Brasil
I will arrive in Istanbul next june 21st

I will stay for 3 months there,but I want to stay a little more if I find a job to keep me there
My country is extremely bad to live on now, including to us brazilians

the Turkish people were very decent and friendly with me

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