Learn english and looking for friends

HELLO Everybody! I want to learn English language and I look a friend

Hello Indira S.

Welcome to :)

Please note that you may post an advert in the Language classes in Almaty section.

May be could you tell us a little bit more about yourself? It might help you to get new acquaintances.


Karen :)

Hey how are u???
  I want to teach u English .
     I am  a uyghur
  Contact me
My Skype : studentanwar397

hi i will be in almaty in Juanuary, i don know anybody there, we could  talk

@ billy1974: A longer introduction would be most welcomed and can help you in creating some contacts :)

Good morning my name is John English native speaker from New York, if you still looking feel free to contact here or at: soulpraiser[at]

Hi Indira

I would like you to learn English.

I live in Taraz but visit Almaty quite often.



Hi, I am from Middle East leave in Almaty looking for friendship speaks some English and Russian language , I can help in English and she could help in Russian English. And having good time

Hi, Emam Anwar!
I'm looking for friends too. I live in Almaty, I speak Russian and I'm learning English. I need some practice. We can communicate and teach each other.

Hi, everybody!  :)
I'm Kazakh and I live in Almaty. I'm looking for English speaking friends. Male, female, foreign, Kazakh, Russian... any friends. I like to communicate and to go out with friends. :par:

Hi Liza_tro,
Hope you are good and enjoying the great weather of Almaty,
I like your approach , you could write to me your mobile No. I call you directly...
You are very welcome, wish you good luck,

Hello, Liza_tro

I speak English and am living in Almaty. so far do not have many friends  here yet.
contact me to ppollin[at]

Hope to speak to you soon.


Hello Liza

Hello Soulpraiser,

If you wish to offer language classes, you need to drop your ad in the Classifieds section > Language classes in Almaty.

Thank you,

:gloria  I can speak in english! I CAAAAN!

Lets learn English.


I am fall in love with a uyghur girl recently, but I'm not uyghur boy, we meet in xinjiang province of china when I travalled. and is anyone give me some good idea?

will her parent adopt me?

I want to arrange expat meeting, please let me know if someone agrees, then let's choose the time

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