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Hi, I live in the U.S. but will soon be working in China (Tianjin) as an english instructor. Since I will have to purchase prescription drugs (blood pressure, cholesterol) at retail cost at my own expense, I am looking for guidance on what most ex-pats do in the same situation.  That is, do you buy generic drugs from a mail-order site (e.g. if so, which one(s) are recommended) or are equivalent drugs available from Chinese pharmacies?   Thank you, Dennis

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i am an Indian doctor and a post graduate student in Orthopaedic surgery living in china for two years , my advice is, when you are in china , go to a hospital with your prescription and ask the doctor to prescribe the same medicine as in your old prescription , this time the prescription will be in Chinese and you can buy them in the hospital's pharmacy. All the latest Alopathic drugs are available here in China , so you don't have to buy them in the internet or anywhere outside.

Regarding the consultation its not expensive and it would just cost 5rmb( chinese yuans ) per consultation . Medicines are expensive when compared to India, but , i think it must be cheaper or equal to United states.

(Note: If the doctor couldn't identify the medicines tell him to use an English- Chinese Pharmacology translator )

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I agree with maximus,

I'm Canadian and I live in Beijing, I have high blood pressure and I buy medicine from a Chinese pharmacy via a Chinese doctor's prescription.

I don't know the rules when you buy your online prescriptions and have them sent here by mail what would happen, they might not allow it at the customs.

Last year I was in Montreal, and due to some unexpected problems I was stuck there for more than 3 months and I had run out of medicine, I asked my wife to send me some from China, but the drugs were stopped at the Canadian customs and there was no way I was able to contact them...

Good luck

Gentlemen, Thank you for both of your responses. Based on what I've learned from you and others, my current plans are to bring a 3-month supply with me as well as my doctor's prescriptions to hand to a Chinese doctor for equivalent medicine for the remaining 9 months of my stay. I will also contact the U.S. Embassy here in the states to solicit their opinion.



I am a tianjin local, and graduated from London Univeristy with a Biomedicine degree.I agree with parts of the responses above. It is true that getting medicines for treating high blood pressure and cholesterol in TianJin China is easy as long as you have the accurate name translated in Chinese with you on hand. However, I dont think it is easy to get an good English- Chinese Pharmacology translator here in hospitals in TJ, once you get here, you will soon realise that everything here are in Chinese, and quite few can speak general English well. So try to ask your doctor in USA to prescribe the names of your drugs in an international version, but not in the American styles cos' I know for some drugs, they could have different names in different countries. In order to get the drugs you require corrected, make sure you check up the globally recognised names.

Wish you enjoy your time in TJ China.

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