Euchre Club

Hi all.  Sorry I have not met anyone yet, with the exception of Barrie.  I was wondering if anyone is interested in setting up a Euchre Club.  If you are interested we can hold it at my flat or in future, take turns at each other's flats.  I only have one table so if more than 3 other people are interested we would have to locate a card table.  Look forward to hearing from you all.  Mary

Hi Mary....
I wondering if you ever got the euchre club going ....??
And when yes could I join ?

Hi Evie, sorry no one responded unfortunately.  Right now I am in Canada, but will be returning beginning of 2017.  I will let you know if anyone is interested.  Take care.  I miss Malta heaps.

HI Mary....
Well, perhaps when you back in Malta we get some started I really miss euchre and the turn around ....

Are there any Euchre Clubs in Malta.  I have just started to play and would like to keep it up while I am in Malta (from January to April 2018).  If anyone has any info, please pass it on.
Thank you

Hi Evie, looks like there are 3 of us.  I will be back in January and I had a reply from someone else.  Need one more for sure, but the more the merrier.  Regards, Mary

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