guide me on having a home birth in Malta.


I´m wondering if any of you could guide me on having a home birth in Malta.

I just found out I´m 3 weeks pregnant of my second baby and my husband just got and excellent job offering in Malta to start this December.

We were living in London but we quit our jobs and have been traveling around the world for a year now, so I´m not sure if my NHS will still cover for this.

We are thrilled about both news but I´m a bit concerned about my ante-natal and labour care. I had my first baby in London, it was a home birth and it was a great experience. I´m planning on having a home birth for my second baby too, if medically possible.

Anyone here knows about home birth care in Malta? I appreciate any guidance in the matter.

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Hello Teresa,
I am a recently retired midwife (qualified in UK since 1980) with lots of experience in home births.(UK not Malta)
I am Maltese and hope to be moving to Malta towards the end of January. (providing our house sale does go through)
I do have some contacts with midwives there, but unfortunately I do know that the Maltese NHS is not terribly forward thinking....although the younger midwives are trying to improve things (upward struggle with the hierarchy sometimes who are resisting change)
However many of my friends and my sister had a much better experience privately.
I would love to  meet up with you when in Malta. I do hope to do some antenatal stuff, reflexology, breast feeding support etc general work around pregnancy and birth. I have no wish to work as a midwife in Malta as I know I will be frustrated with the system....
Best wishes,

Chinook, im pm-ing you. Hope you don't mind xx

Teresa, I had homebirths with both my kids in the UK so I will be watching this thread with interest x

Hello Tereza,
You asked about home birth long time ago... but now I am in similar situation, could you please tell me what you found and what you experience in Malta. I will be very grateful!

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